Glo: The Best Online Yoga Instruction That Truly Lasts A Lifetime

Advances in technology have given regular people access to services and learning that they never had before. With the expansion of mobile internet devices, you can not only find courses on any number of topics like fitness, healthy eating and entrepreneurship, but you can access these courses wherever you go.

This increased accessibility has caught the attention of both yoga students and yogic instructors. Instead of being bound by physical limits like time and space, instructors can offer tons of instructional content to anyone just by pushing a few buttons.

Students can find these courses and often save tons of time and money in travel expenses, multiple fitness memberships, and even expensive consultation sessions.

One company has taken full advantage of these technological advancements and presents an unprecedented assortment of extensive yogic training. Glo, an online, yogic teaching and learning platform offers an immense number of courses from an impressive list of instructors.

The variety and volume of content is so vast that their instruction can truly last you a lifetime. This combination of volume and course variety establishes Glo as one of, if not the best online yoga platform today.

Caters To All Skill Levels

Before talking about the immense library of courses that Glo offers, it’s important to emphasize that Glo’s commitment starts by providing ample instruction for all skill levels. Many yogic exercises can appear far too difficult for a beginner to perform, dissuading people from even trying yoga out.

However, Glo starts every aspiring student by registering according to their skill level. There are 4 levels to choose from: Brand New, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Even if you have no experience at all, Glo commits to providing systematic courses that will lay the proper foundation for your practice.

Humongous Library Of Content & Variety Of Courses

After you choose your skill level, Glo takes you to a screen that features a list of 16 different areas of focus with your yogic practice. Are you looking to enhance your muscular strength and flexibility in a safe, holistic way? Are you looking for specific meditations that you can’t find proper instruction for? Want a quick, energetic boost during your lunch break?

You can find courses for these purposes and many others. You might be wondering, “How can Glo offer all these different focuses and specialties?” The answer to this is quite simple: they have a humongous content library.

TO give you a sense of just how much content Glo provides, there are over 300 video classes just for Beginners alone. There are literally several thousands of training videos on Glo’s platform, and their goal is to provide a full-spectrum of yogic instruction.

Glo goes beyond just the physical-exercise programs and asanas that yoga implements and offers a large list of instruction on the implementing yogic principles into everyday life. This aspect of yoga is sorely lacking in public yoga classes, and Glo allows you to engage with these teachings whenever you desire.

There are several meditative courses that focus on the various esoteric teachings that yoga involves. Glo wants to make sure that you can find anything you want or need in order to have lifelong system of practice that caters to you and your progress. This full-spectrum approach really ensures that you are getting the best online yoga experience you can possibly have.

Over 50 Featured Instructors

In order to produce these courses, Glo has to have a pretty sizable list of dedicated instructors. The instructor page will list 50 featured instructors from a variety of yoga and health-based disciplines. The dedication that Glo has to providing high-quality yoga instruction is matched by the dedication of the instructors it features on the platform.

You remember that there are over 300 courses dedicated to beginners alone, correct? Well, several instructors offer at least 300 courses on Glo all by themselves, acting as a one-stop source for yogic instruction.

This combination gives you the option to choose from several different instructors at once or to select just one that fits your flavor. You not only have enough total content to last you a lifetime, but many teachers provide a lifetime of material all on their own.

You have true freedom to select the best online yoga approach for you. It’s all about practicing and progressing according to your goals and your focus.


Yoga is often very challenging to approach, and many practitioners have a hard time finding a practice that they can commit to for life. They find themselves searching for missing clues that they can’t seem to definitely find, and can even wind up paying a lot of money to do so.

Fortunately, Glo has established a platform that can truly support the needs of thousands, if not millions of yogis for their entire yoga journey. They show that technology can work in harmony with your efforts to advance physically, mentally and spiritually. They truly set themselves as huge candidate for best online yoga instruction, and one of the best, public sources for yoga instruction period.