GPS Tracking for Older Adults – Real-time Location Tracking

We can’t always take care of our parents or grandparents all the time, especially when they start to forget things. In many cases, they move with some independence and it is important to know where they move especially when they return home after shopping or spending a day in the park, GPS tracker for seniors is an excellent solution that can keep them at Safe and secure. The GoFindMe GPS Tracker for the elderly is a quality and reliable device that can help you find your father or grandfather.

How can you locate the elderly?

The elderly personal GPS tracking device is simple, safe and easy to use for everyone who cares about their loved ones.

The first and most important thing is that the GPS tracking system for older people consists of a small device or tracker, which must be located somewhere in their bag, backpack, wallet and the pocket of clothes, to make them feel certain independence while providing peace of mind to family members or caregivers especially those who considered senior facilities as living arrangements for a loved one.

The system is based on a tracking technology platform based on GPS and GPRS / GSM, for its exact location. All useful and most important notifications of the exact location will be sent instantly to your mobile phone, or tablet in real time. With the Geo-fencing feature, you can set up a safe zone for the seniors on the phone app. If he/she steps out of the safe zone by himself, you will be alerted immediately on your smart phone. GoFindMe GPS Tracker comes in compact and small versions that can last more than 72 hours, making it ideal for senior living facilities.

Start using the GPS services and prevent your older adults from getting lost or having problems. Locate your father or mother at all times, try GPS tracking software and devices at an affordable price, download the free GPS phone application and start locating your family today!

What Is GPRS And How Is It Used With GPS Tracking Devices?

GPS Tracking & GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) technology has been around for quite some time. Established in the early 2000s, GPRS is an extension of the Global Mobile Communications System. This means that it uses the same system as cell phones. GPRS has been called the 2.5G system. This is because it was developed after 2G cellular networks and before 3G and 4G systems that are currently on the market. GPRS is now widely used worldwide.

The general packet radio service works by allowing data to be stored in ‘packets’. This data is then transmitted efficiently through the mobile network. However, GPRS is much faster than cellular network systems. This type of network system can be used worldwide without difficulty.

GPRS devices are extremely versatile and allow the owner to use it for many different things. Any device that has GPRS capability will allow the user not only to have mobile communication, but also access to the Internet for things like email and Internet browsing.

Some devices even have the ability to act as a means of communication between two people (such as a parent and a child or a family member and an older person). This is done by keeping part of the device with each part. You can even adjust various settings on the device to track changes in temperature, sound and movement. GPRS devices also have the ability to improve their functionality by allowing the user to add things like cameras and GPS receivers.

GPRS is a technology that many GPS tracking devices are using to get updated information with tracking. Once the GPS device records the data, it can be transmitted through GPRS to another central location, such as a computer or by email. It is the GPRS technology that allows real-time updates to GPS tracking systems. It is this direct GPRS connection that gives the GPS system user the most reliable information today.