Dearborn Heights Pharmacy – What to do If You Feel a Cold Coming On

I think it’s fair to say that having a cold is one of the most frustrating illnesses which you can have. A common cold isn’t strong enough to be debilitating but it can completely wipe you out and make everything difficult, including breathing! Normally we can get a bit of prior warning when a cold is coming on and there is action which you can take to try and avoid the worst of this illness taking you over. I spoke to the girls at Dearborn Heights pharmacy to find out a little more about what kind of things you can do in order to avoid the cold hitting you hard. If you feel a sniffle, an achy body or sensitive skin, here is how to attack that cold before it gets out of control.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best ways in which you can boost your immune system and if you feel a cold coming on it is time to hit the vital C hard. The most common source of vitamin C is of course eating oranges and clementines or satsumas, but you can also get vitamin C from a range of plants and other fruits such as grapefruit, broccoli and kale. The best way to take this is to make yourself a vitamin C packed smoothie as this helps the body to absorb the vitamins better. Boost your immune system ahead of the fight.

Sweating it Out

Many think that going for a sauna or a steam when you have a cold can be helpful but the truth is that this only really helps to minimize the symptoms, rather than helping to cure the cold itself. If however you can help to battle the cold itself if you take action early on. Heading out for exercise, hitting the sauna or going for a steam bath can help clear out the body’s waste products and that can encourage the body’s immune system to strengthen and to fight against the virus which is slowly growing inside your body. Get sweaty and beat that cold away.

Old Wives

The only old wives tale which I believe to work in keeping the cold at bay is a hot toddy, a drink made with whisky, honey, ginger, lime and hot water. When you drink this the alcohol is to help you sleep, the lime and the ginger are to boost your immune system, the honey also as anti-cold properties and the heat of the drink will encourage your body to sweat as you sleep.

Taking Medication

If you do feel a cold coming on then you should start taking anti-flu or anti-cold remedies straight away. These tablets are packed with pain relievers and immune system boosters, both of which you are going to need pretty soon. If you get these into your body before the cold comes then you can minimize how strong it will be.