Soul Quest Church – The Record Store Which Changed My Life

I got into records as a kid because of my Dad, he would always be playing vinyl and he just never seemed happy about the fact that everyone had fallen in love with CDs. I became just like this growing up and I was collecting records before it was cool to. I always had a dream to set up my own record store and when I spoke to my Dad about this at age 18, he told me that I should go ahead and do it. I wasn’t  that great at school so this seemed to be the best option. I secured a personal loan and support from my Dad, and the Soul Quest Church was born. I love this business and here are the benefits which it has gifted me.

Dealing in Vinyl

The main reason why I love this business is because I love vinyl, and I get to be involved in it every single day. Each day I learn something new, find new artists and discover information about music labels which is absolutely invaluable to an avid fan like myself. What better business than one doing what you love, and I have the best job in the world.

Meeting People

I love meeting o there vinyl collectors and getting their take on why they enjoy this format of music so much. Since the business has been alive and kicking I have met so many amazing people who love records just as much as I do. I have even met some famous people who have popped into the store as well, I won’t say who but there have been some pretty big names from the world of film and music who have graced my store.

First Timers

As much as I love chatting vinyl with the real collectors, my favorite customers are actually the first timers, just on the very of plunging feet first into the world of vinyl collecting. Many times they will come up to me and ask which is a good record to buy or whether or not a repress is as good as an original and I really enjoy taking them through their first steps into this amazing world.

Hidden Treasure

Because so many people got rid of their vinyl collections just after the arrival of CDs, that or they stored them in the attic for the next two decades, there is always a lot of treasure to be found. I do buy and sell some vinyl but mainly we pick up large collections from people who no longer want the music in their house. When you get a job lot like this you will rake through for hours, often through a lot of rubbish, and then you will stumble across gold. I mean this both in the sense of the quality of the album, and the money which I will be able to make from it.

Start a business doing something which you love, it really is the way to find happiness.