Federal Sustainability Initiatives: 5 Goals Set Forth to Boost the Clean Energy Sector

On December 8th, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order which activated and outlined his five broad goals. There will be several initiatives launched over a course of the next eight to 10 years for dealing with the climatic concerns that are actively threatening the United States and the planet itself.

Choosing to lead by example, Biden’s goals are dedicated towards helping the sustainable energy sector grow faster and subsequently produce better results. That will be a necessity for achieving the hopeful targets set forth. Businesses across all sectors should take the time needed to make sure that they stay compliant and even benefit from the following.

100% CFE by 2030

CFE stands for carbon pollution-free electricity, which is a huge part of the Executive Order. The goals set forth in this section can be separated into two broad categories:

  1. By 2030, the whole country (All 50 states) is expected to be powered exclusively via carbon pollution-free electricity.
  2. 50% or more of the total energy necessary to make the above happen should be generated locally to facilitate 24×7 reliability.

100% ZEV by 2035

If the second goal is met, there will only be zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2035. However, Biden highlights the fact that he expects America’s 100% light-duty vehicle acquisition to happen even faster, as the deadline for this one is much shorter. Reaching 100% light-duty ZEV acquisition by 2027 might prove to be quite a challenge though.

Buy Clean Policy & 100% NZE by 2050

Construction takes a huge toll on the environment each year, so the third goal will require more planning to yield positive results without affecting the massive US construction industry negatively. That’s exactly what the Buy Clean Policy is all about because it will include several incentives to help construction businesses that manufacture/use materials with lower embodied emissions. Understandably, the deadline for 100% NZE is set in 2050.

If you are a contractor or own a business that’s directly or indirectly related to the construction sector, you will want to take advantage of the Buy Clean policy as it develops by speaking with a Green Specialist from WR Meadows. The 96-year-old manufacturer of construction products, processes, and systems works closely with the US government to stay on top of every new and old federal environmental regulation in real time.

50% NZE by 2032

The fourth goal feels more like an extension of the third because it sets a shorter deadline for achieving half the same goal. In other words, emissions are to be decreased to at least 50% between 2022 and 2032. The President also mentions that the NZE building portfolio should be ready by 2045.

100% Federal NZE by 2050

100% Net Zero Emission is to be reached by the year 2050 for all federal projects, with 65% NZE for federal operations set to be reached by 2030. Check the full press release here. These goals are ambitious, and we would need to wait and see if any of them are indeed reached within the stated timeframe. Irrespective of what the results might turn out to be at a future date, it is heartening to see the US government finally take true interest in helping the environment.

Companies within or related to the construction and energy sector in particular will need to pay close attention in the coming years. Being environmentally friendly may become synonymous with staying compliant with environmental regulations, as and when they present themselves over the coming decade.