5 Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands to Add to Your Wardrobe

Fast fashion is one of the leading contributors to environmental harm in 2022. Although this is a sad fact, the good news is that many consumers around the world are beginning to pay attention to how their clothing is made, and are choosing more sustainable ways to shop. Many eco-friendly clothing brands have emerged in recent years, adding some options to the market for those who want to look stylish while keeping the planet in mind. If you’re looking to make some changes to your wardrobe and want to do so sustainably, here are 5 eco-friendly clothing brands on the market in 2022.

1. Tentree

This activewear and loungewear brand lives up to its name, with 10 trees planted for every purchase from its site (over 70 million trees have been planted to date). Their clothing is made from sustainably sourced materials, and is fairly priced, making it accessible for shoppers on a budget.

2. Boody

Boody is one of the first eco-friendly and sustainably sourced underwear brands in the United States. Boody’s underwear is created using sustainable bamboo and comes in an inclusive size range, meaning everyone in your household can enjoy products from this awesome brand.

3. Toms

Known for their 1 for 1 program which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase made from the brand, Toms now offers a sustainable option, their Earthwise collection of shoes. These shoes are made from recycled cotton canvas, eliminating waste typically produced by clothing manufacturers. Plus, these shoes are breathable and comfortable, meaning you won’t be needing to pay a visit to Northwest Surgery Center anytime soon.

4. Two Days Off

Founded by a geologist who studies climate solutions, Two Days Off is a climate-neutral clothing brand that makes all of its products to order. This brand uses sustainable materials such as cotton and hemp and has been praised for its size-inclusive clothing options that range from size XS-4X.

5.  Reformation

Rivaling fast fashion brands like Forever 21 and H&M, Reformation is known for producing on-trend clothing that is made using sustainable materials and practices. This brand has been praised for its size-inclusive line of activewear and streetwear, which is produced ethically yet still retails for an affordable price. Reformation is currently climate-neutral and aims to be climate positive within the next 5 years, and is committed to making the world a better and more fashionable place.