Why Bonworth Continues to be a Women’s Fashion Industry Leader

For more than 40 years Bonworth has been a leading retailer and a shining star of women’s fashions. The company has steadily grown its retail base of stores to 160 retail locations in 33 states. The company also has a thriving online e-commerce division that markets and sells women’s fashions to customers all over the world. The company stands as a shining star of an example of a bricks and mortar retailer continuing to remain relevant and growing in an online world.

Bonworth COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar believes that company owes its success to several key factors that are ingrained in the company’s culture and operating perspective. They include:

Build a brand that resonates with your target audience

For the past 40 years Bonworth has perfected building a brand that resonates with their target audience. They know that the vast majority of working age women love to be fashionable and to look good. However most do not have time to run all over town and shop for fashions. Their retail stores focused on bringing the latest fashions under one roof, allowing their customers to make one-stop and leave with everything they need to look great.

They also know that the majority of working age women are constantly watching their budgets. Although women are making more money than ever, their expenses including student loans, work training, insurance, and living expenses limit what they can spend on fashionable clothing. Therefore Bonworth knew that the fashions that they sell need to be price modestly but still be of great quality.

Utilizing these factors they have developed and maintained a brand that resonates with a large percentage of University and working-age women. This strategy has helped Bonworth to become one of the largest women’s fashion retailers in the United States. It also was the foundation that has propelled them to success online. The careful maintaining of their brand also gives them a potent tool to launch new products and to fend off competitors.

Embrace new technologies that help you to serve the customer better

Bonworth has developed a strong and robust, full-featured online e-commerce site. Customers can shop from the widest selection of fashions from the comfort of their home any time that they are in the mood. They can complete their purchases on the Bonworth website and even be alerted when new styles of preferred fashions arrive.

The Bonworth team recognized that creating this quality of online retail shop would be of great convenience to their customers, most of whom are students, working women, and full-time moms.

Bonworth also instills a sense of pride and quality in each company employee, in order to ensure that everyone at the company maintains its high standards.

Bonworth’s operating strategies have positioned it as a retailer to be envied. The company has been called America’s favorite mother daughter store, and one of the best outlet stores in the nation. Online reviews that customers share about the retailer are almost always positive.