Top 3 Bingo Fashion Fails Of The Past

Whilst playing bingo games online is enjoyable, there is a lot of great fun to be had in the bingo halls. But you may be thinking, isn’t bingo an old person’s game?

Where a few years ago it’s unlikely you would find many players under the age of 50 – that certainly is not the case anymore. In fact, the bingo halls are becoming filled by more young people than ever before!

Bingo is still one of the most popular games in the world and with the younger generation taking an interest in the game, the bingo halls are adapting and changing. Different theme nights have become available such as Drag Queen Bingo or Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, allowing those to dress up and go all out! This is drastically different from the style and clothing worn between the ‘80s and early ‘90s were playing at the bingo halls was all about comfort – now it’s all about being fashionable!

So let’s take a look, head to toe, at how you can turn some ‘80s comfortable wear into today’s style.

Sweatbands vs Visors  

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You have to wonder how sweatbands ever became a trend but the ‘80s were filled with sweatbands and headbands worn straight across the forehead. Were people really that sweaty? Well, at the time wrapping a headband gave some a ‘rockstar/pirate’ look, whilst others opted for the neon coloured headbands.

Though the trend faded, you may remember Nelly, the American rapper known for his hit song hot in herre released in 2000, appearing in music videos wearing a white sweatband in an attempt to bring the sweatband back in style. Unfortunately, this didn’t catch on, sorry Nelly.

However, visors are coming back in style and even the Kardashians are showing their love of this classic ‘80s eyewear.

A visor is designed to protect your eyes from the sun or other bright lights, so they are perfect in a bright bingo hall to stop any glare and keep you focused on the game.

Shell suits vs Tracksuits

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Whilst you may want to feel comfortable playing bingo and sitting around with friends, I think a shiny shell suit may draw unwanted attention in the bingo halls nowadays.

Elton John became a fan of the classic shell suit in the late ‘80s and although he has always had his own sense of style, he couldn’t quite carry off this synthetic look. It was worn by both men and women, consisting of two parts: trousers and a jacket usually with a front zipper.

Although once very popular with the hip-hop and breakdancing scene, the shell suit was voted the worst fashion trend in the ‘80s three decades later.

Today, however, you may see youngsters in trendy tracksuits branded with top fashion names and even pairing the outfit with high heels. Rita Ora, a young British singer, is a lover of this style. So when you want to be a comfortable playing bingo in the afternoon, why not embrace a fashion that’s practical – tracksuits!

Legwarmers vs thigh-high boots

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The movie Fame was the biggest influence and assisted the popularity of this trend in the 1980s. Legwarmers where worn with tights, leotards, shorts and often paired with the sweatband across the forehead as an accessory. Wearing legwarmers and dressing like a dancer may have once seemed cool but this style should no longer be entering the bingo halls.

If you want to keep the lower part of your legs warm, thigh-high boots will do the trick. Thigh-high boots can be both flat or high-heeled, pointed and round – it all depends whether you are going for the dressed-up look or a more casual feel when heading to the bingo hall like Bingo at Boomtown. Trendsetters, like Taylor Swift, has rocked these boots with shorts, chic skirts and skinny jeans whilst still keeping her legs very warm.