How to Achieve Privacy with Plants

Let’s talk privacy. If you’re feeling like all eyes are on you when you’re enjoying your outdoor space, we can help you keep prying eyes and noise out.  

Have you ever thought of using plants for privacy? You can use them in conjunction with fencing or alone. Plants, hedges, and trees offer a wonderful option as a privacy solution. It brings lots of texture and color to an otherwise barren place. 

First, you must decide what look you’re trying to obtain. Are you looking for a clean wall of hedges or would you prefer some dimension with depth, height, and color? Do you need privacy all year round, or just seasonally? The options are endless as to what can be created with live, beautiful plantings.

There is a large variety of plants that can offer privacy while also being extremely beautiful. These plants are versatile, as they are year-round. The great thing about these types of plants is there is a huge selection to choose from. Some of the many plants include arborvitaes, cypress, junipers and many more. No two plants are alike, but the immaculate arborvitae is bought at the store typically standing three feet tall.  By aligning this plant along your fence, you can have an appeasing landscape while also having the option to be isolated. The great feature about the arborvitae is that in the correct situation, it can grow up to 30 feet tall while being 15 feet wide. That will allow a great area of coverage for maximum privacy. 

Another awesome idea you can put in place to level up your backyard, is hanging pots of plants. This can give you some buffer between you and your neighbor by hanging them high. These different kinds of pots and plants are also beneficial to restrict the amount of sunlight getting in on these specific locations. The possibilities are endless, with so many combinations available for the taking. Take into account your backyard’s landscape and make your property work for you. 

One last idea a person can implement to increase privacy for their backyard is utilizing their fences. If they have a bordering fence in between their property and the neighbor’s property, your options are endless. Climbing plants can be used to form a wall of foliage in order to cover more space in crevices. Some of the plants that fall under this category include ivy, clematis, and honeysuckle. Ivy is one of the best because it is a year-round plant that can sometimes be invasive but on the other side can be easily removed and or trimmed.  

Whatever you decide, Hick’s Nursery is ready to help you plan the perfect outdoor oasis.   Our expert staff at our Westbury, New York location is here to guide you through the selection process. We have first-hand knowledge of the proper planting practices. 

Our goal is to help you be successful so you can enjoy your investment for many years to come. In fact, we guarantee it!