How To Clear A Flooded Space

Once the local authorities have deemed your property safe to return to following a flood, you can start the process of cleaning it up. However, the flood damage restoration process can be extensive, difficult, and dangerous. It should always be left to professional cleaners. 

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers rapid response flood restoration services. Its technicians can provide a comprehensive service and take care of the entire process of restoring it as close to its previous condition as possible. They are available nationwide, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Continue reading to find out how to clear a flooded property. 

Shut off your electricity and gas

Make sure your electricity supply is switched off at the mains to protect yourself and others against electrocution. You may need to bring in a qualified electrician to do this if you are unsure how to turn it off. A Gas Safe-registered should also do an inspection if you use gas heating or appliances. 

Remove standing water

When the water levels outside of your property are lower than the inside, you can start to get rid of the floodwater in your home. This may require expensive specialist equipment, like pumps. 

Professional cleaners, like ICE Cleaning’s technicians, will have the knowledge and equipment to quickly remove all the water from your home. 

Floodwater is also very dangerous to be exposed to, particularly if it contains sewage, and there may be pathogens present like E.coli and Salmonella. They will have the full personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely clear your property. 

Dispose of soaked and contaminated materials and possessions

Some items, including building materials, carpet, and furniture, must be discarded immediately if they have been soaked during a flood. If contaminated by sewage, they may need to be disposed of in a specialist way. 

Professional cleaners can quickly remove and throw away these items for you correctly. This is especially important for building materials like insulation and drywall which may be dangerous and challenging to extract without the right tools and training. 

Deep clean your property

To remove any mud, silt, dirt, and pathogens that were brought into your property, you need to clean and disinfect all the surfaces in your home. This includes floors, walls, and enclosed spaces, like under floorboards or kitchen units. 

Professional cleaners have the specialist cleaning products and expertise to give you peace of mind that your entire home has been thoroughly disinfected and is now safe.  

Dry out your home

To speed up the drying process and minimise the chances of damp and mould, professional cleaners can install industrial dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of moisture fast. 

Alongside its flood damage clean up services, ICE Cleaning also offers drying programmes that can restore moisture levels in your property to a safe range rapidly. 

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning and its array of cleaning services on its website.