How to Increase Instagram Mentions and Boost Engagement: 3 Ways for Entrepreneurs

Modern business is inseparable from social networks. Being in social media and promoting your products here means keeping up with the times and becoming a more competitive player in the market every day. One of the best platforms for entrepreneurs and influencers is Instagram, and this title has been held by it for several years. Why? The answer is simple: a huge audience from different countries, a high level of engagement and a bunch of different tools and formats for interacting with users (potential customers). 

But being on IG does not mean successfully promoting a company and getting new clients, generating more orders every day and attracting a new audience. To stand out here and become a truly successful entrepreneur in the eyes of users, you must have social proof, one of them is mention. In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 most effective ways to get them, tell you about buying real Instagram mentions and why it is so important for your engagement and reach.

What are mentions?

They are like one of the ways clients interact with you. When other users mention your profile or your content in their posts, they support your page and organically promote a company. They not only allow you to increase the level of interaction with your followers, but also help to increase the visibility of your brand.

Ways to boost mentions

Contests and giveaways

People love gifts, discounts and nice bonuses for simple actions, and they are always very happy to participate in contests held by companies and entrepreneurs. At the same time, you, as a business owner, will not have to spend a lot of money. The truth is, users don’t need a lot of bonuses to mention you in their stories or posts. As an example: if you sell products all over the world, you can offer a discount on delivery or a small discount on the product (5-10%) for mentioning your account. For people, it will look like something very profitable, and you won’t lose anything, especially if you slightly overestimate the cost of goods before contests. 

You can also become one of the giveaway participants on the popular influencer’s page. Only users who have fulfilled all the conditions participate in them, and if mentions is one of the conditions, you’ll receive new mentions and improve your account statistics.

Paid third-party incentive

If giveaways seem too expensive to you or you don’t want to offer additional discounts now, there is another way to get more mentions – buy them. Advertising providers today offer a variety of incentives for business pages of different sizes, so it doesn’t matter when you started your journey and how many followers you have now, PR companies provide boosts for everyone. 

The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to wait long and spend a lot of time to attract an audience through contests and giveaways, this is much cheaper and faster. In addition, there is no difference in terms of the quality of interactions – all mentions are one hundred percent unique and come from real users, you can safely order them by clicking on the link at the beginning of the article.

Engage with your audience

Be that as it may, interacting with current subscribers will allow you to create a more trusting relationship with them and form a loyal community. So don’t neglect this advice – respond to all messages, comments and encourage user content. We wish you success!