How to Keep your Data Safe

We live in a digital age where everything and anything is available online. Even your personal data can be at risk of being compromised. Simply through searching the web, using social media and other platforms, you are giving away personal information without even knowing it. If you would like to take back control and keep your data safe, continue reading to discover a few tips from James Scott ICIT.

Useful tips on keeping your data safe:

1. Use Protection Software

Get proactive and find protection software for not only your computer, but your browser too. Malware protection is required for any computer and can help keep away bugs, spam and other forms of malware that could harm your devices and breach your personal data.

2. Use a Firewall

Similar to Protection Software, you can protect yourself even more through installing a Firewall. This blocks dangerous programs, spyware and much more before it can even get close to your data. It can provide a high level of security and make you feel safe while using your digital devices.

3. Adjust your Social Media Settings

You may not be aware, but most social platforms collect tons of personal data and information simply from your usage of that site. Fortunately, you have the ability to protect yourself through the settings on most platforms. It may not fully solve the issue, but it is a step in the right direction. Look into your privacy and security settings on all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media you use.

4. Adjust your settings to prevent the storage of cookies

Keep your data safe by ensuring that you’ve set your computer or smart phone’s settings to prevent your device from storing cookies. This is mostly in reference to using browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. You can also decline a site if it prompts you to request storing cookies, thus protecting your browsing history and personal data even further.

5. Don’t Air your Personal Laundry Online

Seems simple and doesn’t require any software or digital tweaks, but keeping your personal life from being aired on the internet can help drastically in keeping your data safe. This means not sharing every personal aspect of your life on Facebook, blogs or other websites that could benefit from the information. Keep your personal life personal and you will have less of an issue with having to worry about your personal data.

Any information that you share can be collected from all kinds of companies looking to profit from your data. No matter how much you try to protect yourself, there still is the chance of that information getting leaked to marketing agencies if you are blaring it all over the internet.

Don’t wait too long to start protecting your data. Get started on the tips above right away, in order to keep your data safe and out of the hands of large agencies looking to use it. Whether the agencies are harmful or not, your data is personal and shouldn’t be sold at the hands of someone else.