Nifty North America – Things To Know Before You Go


Heading out on an adventure to North America can be hugely exciting and have you thinking up amazing new things to try or places to see. But what exactly do you need to do before you go – what should be on your itinerary and what should you pack? Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do beforehand and what you should see when it comes to taking a trip to the countries that make up most of North America.

United States

With fifty states and covering a huge portion of land stretching from the Arctic Circle in Alaska all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico in the south (with Canada in between of course), the US can throw all you can take at you. From lush alpine forests on the west coast, to Tornado Alley in the central parts, deserts and cities by the dozens, it’s no wonder more and more people sing the praises of the US as a hot destination. Getting in can be tricky though – with questions arising such as ‘what is an ESTA for travelling to the USA?’ being a prominent one. Never fear though – they couldn’t be more straightforward or easy to figure out once you read into them and follow the information on the website.

When it comes to packing and things to do, the two go hand in hand. Check in advance the weather for the region you’re heading to at the time of year you plan to go. Parts of the US can be bitterly cold in winter and extremely hot in summer, so it’s important to know when and where you’re going and to pack and plan accordingly.


With the longest coastline in the world spanning three oceans, some of the most varied natural beauty and some of the world’s friendliest folks, it’s no wonder so many people love Canada. Like the States, you will need to fill in an ETA application for travelling to Canada which can be found and paid for online. Simply follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

Also like the States, Canada is full of varying types of climates and things to see and do. While the temperatures on the coasts can be fairly temperate and moderate, inland on the prairies and in the Great Lakes regions, temperatures can soar into the thirties, sometimes even higher. For the city and history lover, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec offer the best options for sightseeing, where you can explore Canada’s history and learn about the first settlers of the land. In the west though, the natural wonder and beauty coupled with pristine and numerous camping opportunities is an outdoor lover’s dream come true.

So if you’re looking for a varied and exciting trip to end all trips, consider heading out to North America. With so much land to explore and a little something for everyone it’s easy to see why this part of the world continues to be hugely popular amongst so many people continue to make this a destination they return to time and again. So what are you waiting for? The vast wilderness of mainland North America awaits!