The Commuter is one of the top films in 2018, have you seen it yet?

If you enjoyed Liam Neeson in Taken, you’ll love him in The Commuter. Neeson stars as a former policeman turned insurance salesman who takes the same commute to and from work every day – until he loses his job and has a journey home he will never forget.

How is your commute each day? Do you have far to go? What method of transport do you use? Here are the strangest ways to travel to work.

  1.   Swim – Yes, I said swim! Would you believe a man in Germany packs his laptop, suit and shoes into what he calls a “bladder” and floats 2km downstream? Slightly different to your westbound District Line train!
  2.   Paragliding – I did say these were strange! Someone in Wales has decided that his 12-mile journey to work would be better if he arrived on a motor-powered paraglider. Before he sets off he has to ask for clearance from the RAF, probably the most sensible thing you’ve read so far, right?!
  3.   Car – Plane – Car – Could you do this? A man lives in LA but works in San Francisco, how is that for a commute? Well, let me tell you. He drives to the airport, then flies to San Francisco before getting in his other car and driving to work. He has a $2,300 airline monthly all-you-can-fly airline membership, I hope he uses that to go somewhere more exciting than work….
  4.   Surfing – Another way to beat the traffic and only valid if you live by the sea but still strange. A man on the south coast decided that the best way for him to get to work was to surf from his home in Shoreham along the English Channel to Brighton. Not only does he beat the traffic but it’s also environmentally friendly.
  5.   Train – I thought there should be at least one sensible commute on the list. It’s not unusual for someone to have an hour journey to and from work, especially living in London. But if you lived in Lancashire, would you commute to London every day? Well, someone does! A man from there leaves his house at 4:45am each day and gets into work just before 9am, could you do that? The journey consists of driving, followed by a train and then the London Underground.

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Surely there aren’t many people that have a commute like that and you get to play games and enjoy your journey.

Comment below/E-mail me with the name of Liam Neeson’s character in Taken and I’ll pick a winner.