Travel Safety With Atlanta Charter Buses

Well it’s fair to say that this has been a crazy year filled with shock, dread and gloom, but we are all slowly but surely getting through it. What the pandemic has done more than anything else is to greatly restrict our ability to travel safely, and whilst we could still get away, it just hasn’t seemed like a good idea to do so. Something which we can all do however is to completely rediscover our own cities and states, and that we can in fact do in a very responsible way. Back in September I went away with a few friends and toured the state of Georgia, a super cool trip which actually showed us more of the state than I realized even existed. Thanks to Atlanta Charter Buses we were able to do this safely and here is why you can travel too, using charter buses.

Super Safe

Charter bus companies are all but too aware of the risks that there are at  the moment but after all they have to stay in business. This is why you can anticipate a bus which has been heavily cleaned and sanitized to ensure that it is perfect for any guests and completely safe. During our 4 day trip the bus was cleaned on multiple occasions and to be honest I am no doubt about the fact that the bus was probably cleaner than my house.

Negative Tests

Something which we really didn’t expect was for the driver to show us that he had tested negative for the virus, which of course just offered us that little bit more peace of mind. This was the perfect example of how the company went above and beyond for us in order to keep us safe.

Totally Flexible

To be completely honest me and the boys had thought about taking 3 cars with us on the trip but we really preferred the idea of catching up with each other on the drive. This proved to be a great decision because not only were we able to get that time together, but the driver was super flexible about where we went and when. As you all know plans can quickly change in the current climate and a restaurant or bar which you thought was open could easily be closed, or closed down. Our driver was more than happy to take us wherever we wanted to go and that just made the trip that extra bit special.

Cross Country

Our charter bus company was absolutely exceptional but I am sure that across the country there are some similar businesses which are offering a service which is the same, in terms of thought and care, as what we had. Now is the perfect time for us to travel domestically and to learn more about where we live and what we have on our own front porch.

If you are sick of not traveling, this makes for a great option for you.