Reasons to Agree To An Extended Warranty Option

When I bought a new bike 2 years ago I was offered some extended warranty options and usually this would have been something that I would have declined right away. Despite this however when the gentleman started talking to me about Honda powersports extended warranty options, it just made a lot of sense and so I agreed. I have learned so much more about this in the last couple of years and I have tis ay that I am super happy that I decide to agree. This is a great idea and whilst it will cost you a little but more money, that money will be cash that has been very well spent, and here is why .

Things Happen

Around four months after I bought the bike a friend of mine had a mechanical failure with her ATV, and it looked set to cost her quite a bit of cash to fix. I asked her about the warranty situation and would you know, it had ran out just 3 months prior. Now I am not sure if this was the universe trying to tell me that I had made the right decision or not, but it did show one thing, mistakes happen. At least with the extended warranty I am safe in the knowledge that when the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out, I am going to be fully protected.

Passing It On

What many fail to recognize is that you can sign the warranty over to someone else if you happen to sell the vehicle. In the past this has really been my thought process, the fact that I just didn’t know if I would be selling the vehicle in the future or not. I now know however that even if I do want to do that, I can simply sign the extended warranty over too. If anyone thinks that this is going to be a more expensive option then fear not, as the reality is that being able to offer an extended warranty will not only make your vehicle more attractive to a prospective buyer, it will also add some money onto the price of your vehicle.

Peace of Mind

There is a certain level of financial peace of mind when you opt for extended warranty, especially when it comes to how you will plan for the future. For example I know that in the year after my original warranty runs out, that I do not have to put any money to one side in order to cover any costs associated with failures on the bike, and my insurance will cover any incidents which occur, leaving me to only save the deductible and that is all.

For my money this is a smart decision to make and whilst I will confess that in the first place I did so on something of a whim, the next time that I buy a new vehicle there is absolutely no doubt that I will be saying yes to the extended warranty.