Great Tips to Help in Your Trip to Kuwait

Located in the northern part of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait is blessed with impressive architecture, many top-notch spots to eat, and a beautiful coastline. With a rich culture, museums, welcoming people, and centuries-old mosques, your trip to Kuwait will offer you a great experience from what you were used to.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lesser-known destination, Kuwait is waiting to get discovered. To help you organize your trip and easily explore the place, the following are tips you may consider:

1. Learn about the Laws and Customs

Kuwait is a Muslim nation, so it is important to follow their Islamic laws and customs while there. Women, in particular, need to be cautious when it comes to their dressing codes to avoid offending the locals. Putting on tight, revealing, and short clothes may bring unwelcoming attention.

Unlike other Arab countries, you don’t have to cover your hair in Kuwait. Pork products, pornography, alcohol, and narcotics are also not allowed. If you are caught in possession of any of these products, you may be sentenced to death or jailed for ten years.

2. Look for an Accommodation

If you don’t want to save on accommodation, you can stay in the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’a for luxury and relaxation in Kuwait. The hotel is surrounded by important attractions, including Marina Mall and Al Fanar Mall.

However, if you are not planning on splurging on accommodation, Le Royal and Boudl Kuwait have the best hotel rates in Kuwait (أفضل أسعار الفنادق في الكويت), outdoor pool, gym, and breathtaking beauty. Boudl Kuwait has a minibar, air conditioner, and telephone, while Le Royal offers free Wi-Fi and panoramic views of the city.

3. Be Conversant with the Common Dishes

Given that there are many foreigners in the country, there are dishes you can try out. You may stick to your fries and McDonald’s burger or try out some Egyptian, Iranian, Kuwaiti, and Lebanese dishes.

You can also try the common Kuwaiti dishes, such as Machboos, mutton, chicken, or basmati rice seasoned with spices.

4. Know How to Get to Kuwait

Kuwait is basically not an affordable place to go to. However, you can always get the best deals. You can always save money with the cheapest flight (ارخص طيران) out of major cities and states in the US to get to Kuwait.

Getting a visa may encompass a lengthy procedure, but if you have Kuwaiti dinar, you may use one of the kiosks to facilitate the procedure.

5. Shortlist the Best Places to Visit

The country has some tourist attractions you can visit. This may include the Liberation Tower and Al Hamara. The Liberation Tower is the second tallest building after Al Hamara in the country. On a clear day, you may see the whole of this country.

This tower also has a restaurant that you may sample different kinds of cuisines. As for Al Hamara, you may get an amazing aerial view of the country.

Final Remarks!

Given its size, you may explore Kuwait in three or five days. As long as you respect the culture and have all the traveling documents, your experience will be great.

The accommodation should cost you between $100 and $450, and the Mediterranean cuisines can go for around $20. Therefore, with amazing things to see and do, these great tips should help you make your trip successful.