Life After University – What Can You Do with Your Psychology Degree?

Congratulations! You just finished your undergraduate degree in psychology. After many sleepless nights and three years of hard work, you have finally achieved your Bachelor of Arts (or Sciences) in one of the most varied disciplines on Earth. But what happens next? Read on to find out.

Go into Marketing

One of the top fields that prospective graduates enter into after having finished their degree is marketing. A normal degree in psychology provides a comprehensive understanding of the foundational rules of marketing – some courses even have a dedicated consumer psychology module. How people react to pricing, how to convince them to pay more, and similar such topics are very often present in a basic psychology degree without any further specialisms. This can get you to hit the ground running in a marketing job and have an advantage over your peers.

Furthermore, a degree in psychology also implies that you have great presentation and people skills, are able to closely and efficiently analyze big batches of data, and can handle your way around a report or two. The competition would have no chance against you!

Carry on With Learning

One thing that you can do after just having finished your psychology degree is, funnily enough, carry on with academia. A sizeable chunk of psychology graduates actually continue their studies further, and most of those end up staying in the world of academia because they love it so much! If you have a deep passion for learning, then this option might just be the right call for you.

There are many interesting specialisms and masters that you can take part in, often at a lower cost compared to your initial degree. For example, an industrial and organizational psychology degree specialization can give you lots more experience in what it means to run and manage a workplace – a skill many employers nowadays are craving from their management staff, as knowing how to run a tight ship is key to a successful business. Most of these degrees can also be completed online which gives you some flexibility and allows you to perhaps have other ventures on the side.

Take A Year Out

In contrast to the previously mentioned points, one thing you could do after you finish your degree is to take some time off. This is an extremely worthwhile venture if your degree stressed you out in a particular way, but, overall, it is good for most people that after many years of academia they take a break. Taking a break allows you to focus on what’s important in your life and make sure that the thing that you end up doing for the rest of your life is something that you have deep love and appreciation for. It is always good to reflect on things!

In conclusion, there are many things you could do after finishing your undergraduate degree. From going into marketing, or simply finding a lucrative job opportunity, to carrying on with a masters or even taking a year out, these are just a few of the many things you can do. There is sure to be something for everyone here!