Atlanta Shuttle Service – Why It Better Than Taking Separate Cars

A group of my friends and myself take a road trip each year from Atlanta and over the years we have been to some awesome places across labor day weekend. After much debate we decided that this year would be the year that we ditched the responsibilities and hired an Atlanta shuttle service to take us to where we wanted to go. There are so many benefits of doing this and to be honest we all decided that every year from now on, this is how we are going to travel. If you like to take road trips with friends, here is why a shuttle service makes for the perfect option.


We all enjoy a drink or two with our meals but to be honest it can get frustrating when half of the group are enjoying drinks and the other half are nursing an orange juice because they are the designated driver. When you hire a shuttle service however there is no responsibility on anyone to drive which means that everyone can enjoy themselves without worrying about being over the limit.

Car Issues

We used to go away in a convoy of 5 or 6 cars and invariably there would always be one which ran into trouble. We have had cars crash, breakdown or get damaged over the years and whilst it does make for a pretty good story to look back on, it is an absolute nightmare when it happens. This is another reason why we enjoyed the shuttle service so much as it meant that we could take the trip without worrying about cars breaking down or getting involved in an accident.

All Together Now

Another huge benefit which we were all able to count on during this trip is that we would be traveling all together. We used to have radios in each car to keep us all in touch with each other but that was never the same as actually traveling together. During our time on the shuttle we were able to play all kinds of games, talk, sing and occasionally dance, and the atmosphere on the shuttle was brilliant.


Because of the amount of people that you can fit on a shuttle bus the overall journey was far cheaper than it would have been if we all went in our cars. It isn’t just the fuel costs either that you must consider but also things like tolls and parking fees which help to raise the overall cost. With the shuttle however we all paid a single price and that was it, everything else was included after that.

To have the responsibility taken off our hands with regards to driving was far and away the best benefit of hiring a shuttle service and the additional bonus of it being cheaper and traveling together is why we have decided to travel this way in the future.