Tips on Sprucing Up Your Resume From a Professional Resume Writer

If you are not getting any luck or interview invitations despite sending out reams and reams of resumes then it may be time too review your resume and spruce it up somewhat. There is of course the case to argue that perhaps you don’t have the skills and qualifications that it takes to get the jobs which you are looking for, but let’s start with making the resume look better first, and see how you get on. We spoke to a professional resume writer to find out sometimes on how you can make your resume look more attractive.


Whist it may sound awfully simplistic you must ensure that the grammar and the spelling on your resume is absolutely perfect. If you fail to do this or if you have made an error and not realized it then your resume will more than likely be tossed to one side in a heartbeat. We often see that a simple slip up or autocorrect can result in a mistake which isn’t spotted but you must invest the time on reviewing your resume to ensure that it is perfect. If you are in any doubt ask someone to help to review it.


Thirty seconds, that is the amount of time which someone will give to your resume, just thirty seconds. As they pore through resume upon resume they will only give your piece half a minute, if that. This means that you must make things easy for the recruiter by formatting your resume in a seamless and easy to read manner. Large sub-headings and succinct information are the keys here and what you are looking to do is draw someone in so that they spend more than thirty seconds reading through your resume. Try to always keep your resume as a one-pager and use punctuation such as bullet-points to make things nice and simple.


A big no-no when filling out your resume is to regurgitate generic comments which the world and his wife will also be putting on their resume. We have all seen them before ‘I am a great team player’ or ‘ I enjoy a challenge’, these serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever and if you want to have a chance of getting this job, you need to ditch the general comments and instead focus on who you are and what you have done. If you do want to speak about being a good team player then discuss what you bring to the team dynamic, if you want to talk about how much you enjoy a challenge then give examples of a challenge and how you went about finding success. If you simply churn out generic statements then you may not even get someone to look at your resume for thirty seconds, and nor should they.

Review your resume and check to make sure that it is in fit shape for you to be invited to an interview.