How many CC does my lawn mower need

When taking the time to decide what lawn mower will suit your needs, one keeps in mind things such as the muscle of the gas engine, its comfort, durability or even the zip of an electric motor. These characteristics are important since a good lawn mower does more than simply cut your grass but rather, it allows its owner to save money by handling the yard work themselves and giving the area a pleasurable aesthetic. After all, purchasing a great lawn mower is a big decision and you will want to keep your investment for at least 10 years! A common question that one comes across when purchasing a lawn mower is: “exactly how many cc does my lawn mower need in order for it to get the job done right.” It is crucial this is looked into when buying a mower since with a good amount of power, doing the job becomes more effective. Let us break down this question because with knowledge comes power and a smarter way of working.

CC stands for “cubic centimeters” which is a unit of volume. This is the measurement being utilized for engine displacement in lawn mowers. This is an important factor when purchasing a lawn mower since it determines how much horsepower and torque an engine delivers. Furthermore, the amount of cc a lawn mower contains will also play a part in how much fuel is consumed since a larger engine uses more fuel with more revolutions.

Self propelled lawn mower’s, also known as gas-powered push motors, have engines that range from 140 cc’s- 190 cc’s. Please remember that more cc’s equates to greater power which would work great for a job that requires things such as cutting longer grass that has been unkempt for quite some time or even cutting through wet grass which can actually clog a low powered mower. A smaller amount of cc’s would be needed if you were interested in purchasing a model that could cut your grass every week or two since the load would not be as great.

If you know for a fact you will not be working with unkempt areas or consistent tough weeds, choosing a lower powered mower could save you money in the long run since they use less gas than the higher powered versions. Bear in mind that the difference in performance between a 160 cc and 190 cc is not huge since they both more or less will end up getting the same amount of work done. It is therefore advisable that if you do choose the 190 cc powered mower it is because you truly require the extra amount of help that minor difference can provide or because you require it for commercial purposes.

Do not forget that there are other important aspects to consider when purchasing a lawn mower such as comfort and reliability. Making sure that your mower, like Cub Cadet zero turn mowers, is comfortable and practical to use will ensure you enjoy your machine for many years to come. Purchasing a mower from a reputable brand that will make certain it is always well serviced is another factor that will influence its durability.

It is safe to say that whether you purchase a mower with 160 cc’s or 190 cc’s, you won’t notice a great deal of difference in the power when you are cutting a simple, well kept and flat lawn. The deal breaker comes when dealing with far more strenuous jobs such as working with dense grass where you may want to consider purchasing a mower with 190 cc’s. While it will be more expensive to buy and run, a greater powered mower may be just what you need for an easier job well done and a nice and even lawn.