Business over pandemics – how to survive and what are the options?

As the pandemic started, we had to adjust (like it or not) quicker than we thought to modern ways of doing business. People who were lucky to keep their job started working from home and using Zoom or Discord for communication and meetings. Some already had experience with it, such as freelancers, but it was an unusual setting for many. In the beginning, it was nice not having to commute every day, but as the months went by, trying not to stay in your pajamas was hard. Time started to slip away faster, even though we didn’t have to spend additional hours in traffic or get up much earlier than we used to. Anxiety and depression are big problems for current generations. Still, older ones started to experience it for the first time a lot more, and that’s what brought awareness of how much we need communication as a human being to survive (outside our household). We are talking about these essential things in the introduction because it’s also a big part of the business during the pandemic, whether you are starting one or trying to keep one going.

Money Management

It’s necessary to revise your financial plan and work on one ASAP if you haven’t until now. Knowing how to manage personal finance is a skill that everyone can learn, and we are going to introduce you to it. What you need to do is set aside time when you are not overly stressed or just finished work, sit down, and write everything down from your income to subscriptions to random apps, to debt (including your credit card debt!) This is commonly known as a call to action, where you will set out to pay your debt first (even if it takes two years, start NOW). Having a rainy day fund is still a must, so a chunk of your money should go there as well. Naturally, primary things such as food, bills, utilities are non-negotiable. The point of this “exercise” is to find where your money goes without even knowing (maybe you have some credit card you don’t use anymore, but you’re still paying monthly fees or subscriptions you don’t need).


Investing, especially in the forex market is a hot topic for a while now. No matter which way you choose to invest (maybe you want to renovate your apartment so you can rent it and gain passive income). Investing is important because it’s another way of saving money and gaining more in the end. Naturally, you will also need to take some time and do research on what you’d like to invest in (if you already aren’t doing it) and see what would be the best option for you and your financial situation.

Building a business

Unexpectedly (or was it, really), many people rose to fame on the internet by starting their YouTube channel or making TikToks. Some decided to create a course on something they like and partner with websites such as skillshare to profit from it while teaching what they love. Others sell short lectures on weekly monthly, and even if the price isn’t high, multiply, for example, 30 dollars with 100 attendees, and it’s not a bad number for starting something like this. Even though YouTubers couldn’t film much outside their home, many focused on their routine, which many lack. While many of us were eager to stay on track during the lockdown, we slowly started to give in and even got burnout. Youtube serves as an escape, or even motivation when you are not feeling your best self. TikTok as well. People realized they could be creative and exciting whatever the topic is. From doctors to teenagers, everyone is contributing to this large community. It’s essential to know your target audience and what you think you can be good at. And start now. Please. You don’t have anything to lose, especially on the internet. If nothing, it will ease your mind a bit, and you might find you have a new and inspiring hobby along the way you can profit from!