7 Summer Jobs Ideal For Students

Home for the summer fresh out of first-year and in need of a little cash flow? Or looking to save for a specific trip? Whatever your reason for needing a part-time job there is a wide range available at (almost) a moment’s notice.

We have listed a few of the most flexible jobs you can get in order to make some quick and easy money.

1. Painting & Decorating

With a small investment in painting equipment, you can pick up a wide range of jobs from coating garden fences to repainting entire homes. Working with a day rate you can set your own workweek. Unlike at school this style of painting requires almost no creativity.

2. Office Removal

Professional office movers are often looking for part-time heavy-lifters. This will likely require you to be on call so you’ll need access to a vehicle and to be time-flexible. You’ll want to take on as many last-minute jobs as you can get as there’ll likely be a bonus or premium salary for the short notice.

3. Shop Assistant

Looking to get out and interact with people? Try working as a sales assistant. Sales is a great life skill to learn and looking for a job in a niche you’re interested in means you can enjoy coming to work. If you like the outdoors, try working at a sporting goods store, you’ll be selling a crossbow package come Christmas!

4. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning customers are often repeat business, so it might be worth setting up your own freelance window cleaning business and a weekly rota for your regulars. If you have a family van why get everyone involved and use it to advertise your services.

For more things to consider when setting up a new business, click here.

5. Tutoring

Why don’t you put your recent studies to the test and offer tutoring sessions? Your parents may have friends with kids in need of your high school experience. You’d be surprised how many friends are interested in learning a skill you have.

  • Learn the guitar
  • Speak Spanish
  • Get fit

These are the items on people’s New Year’s Resolutions lists so take advantage and offer your experience at a cost. Post flyers in cafes, libraries, and school notice boards to get the word out.

6. Copywriting

Platforms like Upwork make it easy to find quick and easy freelance work. Try your hand at copywriting, university essay writing will have you writing way above average for the online community and bloggers are often looking for part-time flexible writers to outsource a few hours of work too.

7. Baby-Sitting

Summer is a hectic time for parents needing to entertain the kids all day and all night. Many will be eager for a few hours of relief to get out and enjoy themselves and you can help them out. Being paid to hang out watching movies and eating popcorn, hopefully, the summer heat has tired the kids out by bedtime!

It’s worth asking friends and family if they have any odd jobs that they might like done. They may be willing to pay for the work or know someone else in need.