4 Blog Topics That Will Turn Your Hobby Into Income

With almost everyone having experienced ‘working from home’ over the last year or 2, more and more people are looking to pursue an online income. One of the most surprising ways to make money, with little to no initial investment (aside from time and energy!) is  blogging! 

Here are a few ways you could turn your hobby into an online income stream.

1. DIY

Anyone who loves DIY projects will know that you can find design inspiration on Pinterest at the click of a button. But why shouldn’t that be you, inspiring others with your creativity? If you’re ready to start selling your creations then you’ll want to set up your blog to include an online store. As well as using Pinterest and Instagram to market your products and push potential customers to your blog.

Many DIY bloggers also like to record moments moving home to provide fun furniture tips and showcase their style to their audience. For more tips on preparing for a big move, click here.

3. Product Reviews

This topic works a little better if you have the cash to invest. The best place to start is to choose a niche and the ideal way to find a niche is to find something you enjoy, for example ‘cooking’. If you enjoy cooking you might choose to publish articles and/or videos with full, detailed product ‘kitchenware’ reviews. If optimized for SEO you can generate organic traffic to your website. Posting the video reviews to a youtube channel can help drive traffic to your blog.

4. Cooking

If product reviews don’t appeal but cooking catches your eye, you could write up recipes and even film your cooking. A quick and easy way to increase traffic to your blog is uploading a daily cooking ‘short’ to youtube. The consistency of your updates will keep people coming back. See here to learn more ways to give your blog a much need boost.

If, however, you have a little more time to invest then explore videography more and upload your cooking guides to a course platform along with step-by-step downloadable guides.

This is a lower-cost investment, perfect for blogging beginners looking for a side project they can grow into a small business. 

5. Fashion

If fashion is your passion, then platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest are all prime advertising space, posting daily outfit updates showcasing your unique sense of style. Testing out the latest fashion trends and scoping out must-have items at a famous store. 

Share referral codes with your viewers to give them a discount at stores you advertise for. Look into becoming a brand ambassador, they often receive clothing sent to them to review and/or promote, for FREE!

Blog On!

No matter what your interest there is a potential to make a small income from writing about it. Whether as a copy-writer for someone else, on a topic you are passionate about. Or running your own blog, optimizing each article for SEO, and selling advertising.
Still not convinced that you can make money blogging? Click here!