Where To Go For Mammogram Screening in Los Angeles

Having a Mammogram can potentially be life saving, it is not an appointment you would want to put off I any way. Where can you go for a Mammogram Screening in Los Angeles? What is the purpose of a mammogram screening?

When a woman reaches the age of around 50 they will be asked to come in to the clinic for a routine Mammogram Screening, this is just a check up and not always something that is needed to worry about. The screening is to check for any abnormal cancerous cells that may have developed within and around the breast area. Sometimes women may notice themselves that there are some unusual lumps and bumps in their breast but this can be a number of things, some potentially serious some nothing to cause alarm. It is only by having a Mammogram Screening can you be one hundred percent sure if there is anything to be concerned about. Having a Mammogram Screening can really help to put your mind at ease for a few years before your next routine check up. You may think you have reason to worry but you could have a screening and receive the all clear with no finings of abnormal cells.

What if Abnormal Cells Are Detected?

If you do attend an appointment at the clinic you will not receive your Mammogram Screening results straight away, it can take up to a couple of weeks but if there is anything of concern you will be contacted by the clinic and asked to make another appointment. There is no need to let the panic set in straight away though because sometimes abnormal cells that show up on your Mammogram Screening do not automatically mean that they are cancerous. Some cells just may need to be tested again to be completely sure before giving you the all clear. If a mass is detected and it is not a simple cyst, then you may need to have more imaging tests. Some masses can be watched with more regular mammograms, while others may need a biopsy. The size, shape, and margins of the mass help the person doing your Mammogram Screening to determine if cancer is present. On a mammogram, a growth that is benign often looks smooth and round with a clear, defined edge. Breast cancer often has a jagged outline and an irregular shape.

If abnormal cells are tested and do sadly come back as being cancerous then the clinic will work with you and guide you in the right direction as to what the best thing to do next is. The clinic will be well aware that this time would cause lots of worry and anxiety as could only be expected but you can be sure that you are in safe hands at the clinic and they will do everything they can to give you a high standard of care and look after you every step of the way.