Weird Areas To Sweat From That Are Actually Normal

Everyone is used to sweat appearing in certain areas. Nobody kicks up a fuss or gets worried about the fact that their armpit is sweating, for example. However, there are a couple of body parts that people might think are weird and unusual and may believe that it isn’t normal for them to sweat. That couldn’t be further from the truth though. While they may not be the most common, the following are completely normal areas to sweat.


Sweaty boobs affect millions of women worldwide to varying degrees. The only major difference for the majority of women is how much they sweat under their breasts. This is especially true with women who have larger breasts; the more fat or tissue that is there means that they can fold over more and cause excess sweat. This is similar to any other area that has folds, so it’s nothing to worry about even if you’re comparing sweat levels to somebody else. As we mentioned, people with larger breast sweat more and people sweat a different amount from each other, so your sweat levels may be different from friends and family members.

Top Of The Head

This is one of the most common areas that people might think is a ‘weird’ place to sweat. This is because head sweat doesn’t affect too many people. However, it’s a lot more common than you might think. The head doesn’t have too many sweat glands, although in a lot of people they can be a little bit more overactive and cause a  lot of head sweat. This normally comes from somewhere within your hairline, so that it affects your overall head and hair. There’s nothing to worry about though. The only significant difference is that you may have to shower or wash your hair more regularly than people who don’t sweat from their head too much.


Similar to boob sweat, this is something that can be explained by sweat building up in the folds of your skin. Because of that, there’s no reason to become alarmed if you notice that your midriff area and your belly button have a certain amount of sweat. Not only can you sweat due to any skins folds, but this sweat can accumulate in and around your belly button causing a bit of a smell. However, with regular washing and a small spray from some deodorant or perfume and you’ll have no problem with any belly button smells.

Inner Thighs

Very few people realize that the inner thighs are supposed to have a certain degree of sweat throughout the day. Similar to your armpits they can build up a significant amount of sweat depending on how active you are throughout the day. There’s also the fact that parts of your inner thighs can rub up against each other while you’re walking or running; because of that, you can develop a lot of sweat in the area while also causing some friction and possibly even a rash. You may need to ensure that you’re wearing proper protection against these kinds of irritations and rashes before they become anything too serious.


The butt doesn’t sweat too regular, which is why many people believe that it’s a weird area to sweat; however, it’s quite natural to sweat in the buttocks region, especially on a hot or humid day. Like any other area with folds, there can be a small build up of perspiration in the area. This gets more and more common depending on how active you are during the day and night. Like every other kind of sweat, the more active you are, the more sweat you’re likely to develop. This is especially true if any exercise you have is sitting down somewhat, such as with a spinning class.

Those are some of the areas that sweat, but as you’ve seen, there’s nothing weird about them. Just because fewer people may sweat from those particular areas doesn’t mean they’re not natural areas to sweat. With that in mind, if you’re suffering from excessive sweating in any of those areas, then you may want to consider using certain products to cut down on the amount of sweat. Luckily, you should be able to do this in the same way that you combat any other sweaty body part.