Using Elliptical Trainers


Elliptical trainers are an incredibly popular piece of fitness equipment recently, especially when it comes to their use in home gyms. But what makes these machines so great? In this quick article, we will briefly outline what an elliptical trainer is, what the different kinds of elliptical trainers are, and how to use one properly.

What is an elliptical trainer? Why are they so popular?

Elliptical trainers are a type of exercise equipment that more or less simulates running, but with less of the negative effects that are often seen with traditional running or treadmill use (such as joint strain and damage).

Basically, elliptical trainers offer all of the benefits of running and jogging, but in the form of a low-impact workout instead of a high-intensity one. This means that you have a much lower chance of injuring yourself when using an elliptical trainer; all movements when using this piece of equipment will be smooth and controlled, so it’s highly unlikely that you will pull anything or straining yourself to the point of injury.

Elliptical trainers are also very popular for the way they allow you to multitask while exercising. You can watch TV, read a book or magazine, or even use your phone while exercising on an elliptical; this ability to multitask can help to keep you entertained while also getting your exercise.

Are all elliptical trainers the same?

There are many different models when it comes to elliptical trainers, and that can make newcomers feel confused and overwhelmed when they go to buy one for their own home gym.

There are three main types of elliptical trainers, with the distinctions based primarily on their drive systems.

Center-drive elliptical trainers feature the drive in the center and rear-drive elliptical trainers feature the drive in the back of the machine and offer a workout experience similar to that of walking or jogging,

A front-drive elliptical features the drive at the front of the machine, and in most cases can offer a more intense workout suitable for HIIT; most people describe front-drive elliptical workouts as being like climbing a staircase rather than going for a walk.

But don’t worry if this information seems confusing: buying an elliptical trainer that’s right for you isn’t impossible if you don’t know which drive system to choose; in fact, you don’t even necessarily need to know or understand about the drive systems.

Simply make sure to factor in your budget, how much space you have available in your home gym for the machine, and what sort of features you want your machine to have (do you want it to be quiet, have an adjustable incline, have adjustable resistance, and so on).

How To Use an Elliptical Trainer Properly

Generally speaking, elliptical trainers are very straightforward and easy to use. Even so, there are some important things to remember.

  • Always be mindful when getting on the machine.The pedals may begin moving right away when you first mount up, so be prepared for that or you could end up slipping and getting hurt.
  • Maintain proper posture.Keep your spine straight when using an elliptical machine; slouching while your exercise will only cause you problems down the road, so make sure to sit properly at all times to maintain spinal alignment. Also, make to position you feet and arms correctly as well.