Pre- and Post-Natal Care Available to Mothers Through BCFS Health and Human Services

BCFS Health and Human Services, a leading nonprofit organization offering a variety of services, offers Texas mothers vital care services through Healthy Start. This program offers pre- and post-natal care to expectant mothers and those with kids under 18 months of age. It’s one of the organization’s capabilities that also include assisting youth in foster care, aiding low-income parents, helping victims of domestic violence, and offering services to homeless youth and families.

The Healthy Start program provides women with access to vital medical care that improves their health outcomes and gets their children started on the right path. The program combines medical care and educational efforts to stabilize homes, decrease infant mortality rates, and provide mothers with various tools and strategies for optimal health and success. The program offers pre- and post-natal care and case management to women in portions of East Texas. It offers diagnostic, point of care, lab, pediatric care, full “well woman” checks, and various other medical services. Women engaged with Healthy Start can also receive help with resume building and interview skills.

BCFS Health and Human Services offers expanded capabilities through a mobile medical care vehicle. This mobile unit travels to various locations to provide them with flexible and convenient care options. The mobile unit offers program participants with reduced transportation options or physical mobility issues the chance to receive quality care and educational resources.

Healthy Start and the mobile care unit exemplify BCFS Health and Human Service’s mission of developing trust between community members and the organization to improve health and stability.