New Year Resolutions for a Healthy Menopause

Traditionally, the new year represents a time for people to start over. Almost 40 percent of American adults establish New Year’s resolutions when the calendar turns, and even though only a small percentage lasts beyond the first couple of weeks, it speaks to people’s desire to turn over a new leaf. Many of the most popular resolutions are health-related. Many menopausal women consider resolutions that will lead to a healthier menopause. 

They Resolve To Alleviate Stress

Though stress is common in most everybody’s lives, it has the effect of compounding menopausal symptoms, triggering symptoms like hot flashes, anxiety and irritability. Natural estrogen replacement is adept at naturally addressing the root cause of symptoms, like increased stress, related to estrogen decline. Other ways to reduce stress include mindfulness, exercise and engaging in your favorite hobbies.

They Resolve To Invest in a Better Diet

It’s been proven repeatedly that a healthy diet can ward off mood swings, lessen the severity of hot flashes, improve sleep and prevent weight gain. Lean proteins like chicken, fish and Greek yogurt can help you feel fuller longer while foods that are high in fiber, like flax seed, improve insulin sensitivity and aid digestion.

Perhaps you’re wondering, ‘does menopause cause weight gain?’ The short answer is that it certainly can. There are hormonal changes that occur, as well as changes to the way your body deals with fat. Like most things, though, you do have a measure of control over your weight during menopause. By eating small meals every few hours, for instance, you’ll keep your energy and mood levels up. Cooling foods, like apples and bananas, have the dual benefit of being tasty, low-calorie options that can also help you cool down from hot flashes.

They Resolve To Get Better Sleep

Sleep issues mark the beginning of perimenopause and can be persistent. Committing to a consistent bedtime and wake-up time can help to get you on a regular sleep cycle that your body can count on. Avoiding electronic stimuli close to bedtime is important because electronics stimulate parts of the brain that make it hard to fall asleep and achieve deep, lasting sleep.  Paying attention to your environment can be helpful. White noise or an open window may be just what you need.

They Resolve To Invest in Healthy Products

Menopause brings with it a host of symptoms that aim to keep you uncomfortable and off-balance. Have you ever found yourself asking, ‘what is S Equol?’ The short answer is that it is a metabolite that has been studied for its benefits in reducing menopausal symptoms. It is simply one more tool that you might use in the battle for regaining your vitality during menopause. There are loads of OTC products that can have a positive impact on menopausal symptoms, especially if taken in tandem with lifestyle changes.

For women who choose to, making New Year’s resolutions can be a powerful way to outwit menopause. There are so many symptoms, each potentially waiting to be triggered by some element. When you resolve that you have power over them, through diet, stress management or by some other means, you can begin to mitigate their negative effects. Visit a health and wellness shop today to see the available OTC options for menopausal women, and have a happier tomorrow.