How to Reduce Cellulite Without Changing Your Diet

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Cellulite is a serious problem for women. It’s estimated that more than 90 percent of women have some degree of cellulite, and it isn’t easy to eliminate. You’ve likely tried diet and exercise, but no matter how healthy you are, those unsightly dimples won’t go away. What if there was a way to get rid of cellulite without changing your diet? Wouldn’t that be a relief? You can actually get a cellulite treatment and say goodbye to cellulite without changing your diet. Cellfina is a leading cellulite treatment and it can help you get the results you want.

What Is Cellfina?

Cellfina is a minimally invasive cellulite treatment. A plastic surgeon begins the process by numbing the area. Then, the surgeon inserts a small device into the skin. This device has a tiny blade that vibrates rapidly. The blade cuts through the band that causes cellulite dimples. The plastic surgeon moves the device from one dimple to the next until all of the cellulite has been treated.

If you undergo this cellulite treatment, you can actually watch the dimples smooth out before your eyes. This is amazing to see. You’ve been fighting cellulite for ages, and you can watch dimples disappear in minutes. Who knew treating cellulite could be so easy?

It usually takes an hour to treat 25 dimples. After the treatment, you can expect to experience some bruising and swelling. You should take a few days off work to heal, but then you can resume your normal activities. All of the bruising and swelling should be gone in a couple of weeks. Then, you can truly enjoy your new body.

The Top Treatment for Dimpling Cellulite

Cellulite comes in two forms. Some people have dimples, while others have patches or streaks. The dimpling with patches and streaks is usually not as significant as dimpling cellulite. Those who have that patches or streaks will likely benefit from a different Cellulite treatment. However, Cellfina is the best option for those who have dimpling. This cellulite treatment was designed to eliminate the dimples quickly.

The Results

If you have dimpling cellulite, you can expect long-term results with this cellulite treatment. Cellfina conducted a study of patients who had undergone this treatment. After five years, all of the patients still had less cellulite than they did prior to the treatment. That makes this a great long-term option for fighting cellulite.

Getting a Cellulite Treatment

If you have dimpling cellulite, you cannot beat Cellfina. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to have your cellulite evaluated. The plastic surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you are, you can schedule the procedure. The procedure will begin with the surgeon mapping the dimples. Then, you will get anesthesia and the plastic surgeon will get to work. By the time you leave the office, you will already notice the results. Then, you can finally wear that bikini to the beach without worrying about unsightly cellulite.