How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

There is a range of senior care options that you may want to choose for yourself or an elderly relative at some point. From nursing homes for those who need more hands-on healthcare to carers visiting or moving into your residence, there is a type of care to suit everyone. One option for care is moving into an assisted living residence. These facilities are designed to support senior citizens who might need help performing simple tasks, like getting dressed or bathed or having someone run errands for them. In these homes, there is still a level of independence, but you will have access to a carer who can provide a range of custodial services and help you with some healthcare requirements, too.

A lot of senior citizens like to move into these residences, particularly if they live alone, as there is plenty of opportunities to meet new people as well as having peace of mind that you have access to the support you need. If this sounds appealing to you, or you think it would suit an elderly relative, here are a few things to keep in mind before you settle on an assisted living Lincoln facility or another assisted living facility in another city.

Take a Tour

You may have seen a residence online that looks incredible, but you must always arrange for a tour before you settle on anything. Seeing the place up close will give you a better understanding of how it truly is there. Watch out for signs of cleanliness, how the staff is interacting with residents, and how happy the residents appear to be. You can arrange to visit by calling up a residence or booking an appointment online.

Read Reviews

In addition to visiting a few different residences, you should also try to find reviews of them as well. While a tour will help you to get a better idea of how things are at an assisted living facility, digging a bit deeper and finding feedback from former or current residents and their relatives will offer more insight. Try to find out about how well residents are looked after, the quality of the food and other services provided there. Is there any comment on how well-equipped the apartments are and the overall maintenance of the building? All of these things should be researched before you agree to move in, and reviews are some of the best ways to find out this information.

Are Facilities Good?

Assisted living residences often include a range of facilities like an on-site gym and pool, barbers and salons, restaurants, laundry services, etc. Of course, some residences will offer more than others, so it’s important to think about what you will need from an assisted living facility and what additional things you’d like to get out from it. For example, is working out important to you? If so, a home with a gym will be a must. This residence for assisted living Austin called Belmont Village is a great example of the kinds of facilities you should be looking for.

What Are the Activities?

Along with a range of facilities, assisted living homes tend to have organized groups and events for residents to take part in. It could be a dance class, movie screenings, book clubs, or weekly yoga classes. These are great for socializing as well as keeping active, so you must ask about what they do at each residence you visit. Make sure they are offering activities you enjoy or have some interest in so you can fill your time there.


It can be hard to think about putting a price tag on senior care, but the truth is some facilities are going to be more expensive than others, and you may not be able to realistically afford it. Before you start visiting assisted living residences, sit down and figure out what your budget is for this care, whether it’s for you or a relative. If you are looking for care for another relative, ask them what budget or financial contribution they can make towards this so you can both find a spending limit your comfortable with and find the best home you can afford.

Do They Allow Pets?

This is only relevant to those who already have a pet or would like to get one. Some assisted living residences are OK for you to bring your animal companion with you, but others are pet-free zones. If you are a pet owner, or your relative is, try to narrow down your search to places that will accept this. If you can’t find one, you might have to look into another relative taking care of the pet instead or finding another family to give it a loving home.

How Much Privacy Do You Get?

If you’re moving into an assisted living home, you’re not likely going to need round the clock care (a nursing home would be better for this). Therefore, you should still get a fair amount of privacy and time to yourself. The majority of assisted living facilities offer residents private apartments or homes to live in on-site, but some might offer shared living spaces and pair you up with a roommate. Always double-check how they house their residents to make sure you end up with a living arrangement that you’re comfortable with.


Finally, think about the location of this residence. Is it close to family or friends? Does moving in mean you’re going to have to travel some distance from your current residence? It’s important to find an assisted living home that is in a desirable location for you, and not too far from your family in case of emergencies, and to make it easier for them to visit you. It’s also worth thinking about how close the home is to the town or city and what amenities are close by outside of the residence for easy access.

It can be difficult to move from your long-term home into an assisted living facility, but if you are struggling to do daily tasks or are feeling lonely, it could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Consider the points above when you’re searching for the right assisted living home for you, and take your time to find the perfect fit.