Dying Your Hair At Home During COVID: Five Tips To Consider

Many of you are looking to dye your hair due the inability to be in the salon. That is understandable. There are some things you should be aware of before you pick up the box and start.

1) Please do not go by the colors on the box. You see those pretty girls with that excellent shade of blonde or brown. Many of you might not get those results. Let me explain.

It all depends on the current state of your hair. Have you done any color hair at home jobs recently? It also depends on the current color of your hair. Some of the past processing might have an effect on the dye job. It is best to go with a warm and neutral color when you select your box. It is also better to go lighter. Some people like to go darker. The only issue with that is the color might not come out as easily. Some of you might even damage your hair by choosing a box with a darker color.

2) Please stay within the lines. Coloring your hair is not the time to think outside the box, even professional hairstylists will tell you that. People can see when you have had a dye job without you having to draw their attention to it.

It is a telltale sign when someone sees the blonde and brunette colors dripping off your scalp or down your hairline. Use some vaseline around your hairline. You should also use a robe or something to cover your clothes. The dye can drip into your clothes causing damage.

3) Some people like to apply the dye all over their head right away. That sounds good(in theory), but it is going to backfire on you. You should apply the dye to small sections of your hair in increments. Covering your head with dye will result in some inky results.

Do you already have a natural-looking hairstyle? Then, you should apply some lighter colors to the ends. The ends should be done during the last five minutes of processing(according to many professional hairstylists).

You are going to make your complexion look much darker by not making your ends lighter in color. It is just something to think about.

4) This next tip is for those who want to cover the grey. It is only natural to want to hide it once the grey starts to come in. However, there is a right and wrong way to do it.

You are probably going to need two colors. Some like to use one color to cover all the greys. Yeah, that is not going to work.

Let’s talk about grey roots for a second. Here is the thing, having grey roots does not necessarily mean those roots will look the same as the rest.

Let’s use a redhead as an example. Say, for example, that a redheaded girl uses the same box for both her roots and the rest of the hair. What might happen is she ends up with some pink roots and some red ends. That is going to be very noticeable. The goal of dying your hair is for others not to notice anything.

You might want to use a darker shade of red on the roots. It will blend the hues together. That is going to create a more natural look.

5) One final tip is not to wash and go. The first 48 hours are very important after a dye job. Remember that water and color are not friends(at all). They do not like each other one bit.

What you want to do(after the dye job) is to apply a conditioning mask. You lost some water during coloring, so you need to replenish it. We suggest not washing your hair for at least two days after the dye job. That way your hair can replenish and rebuild naturally, so it is ready for the water.