Dean Toriumi Reviews – The Importance of Understanding Every Aspect of Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

Source: Unsplash | Joseph Greve

After a car accident 3 years ago I had significantly damaged my nose and after multiple revisions it was decided that rhinoplasty would be the best option. This was a procedure which I was actually in favor of and whilst I would never have done it without the car accident, I thought that it may be a positive step to get myself a nice new nose, and one which didn’t give me breathing issues. I searched all over Chicago, Illinois and for the best surgeon and after when doing some research online I read the Dean Toriumi reviews, I instantly knew that he was my guy. My reasoning for rhinoplasty was of course medical but there are many who undergo this procedure for cosmetic reasons. Whatever your reason is, it is vital that you understand every aspect of the procedure, and here is why.


The before/after image which you haven your mind may not be something which the cosmetic surgeon is able to achieve. There is only so much skin, bone and cartilage which the surgeon can play about with and it is important that you speak at length with your surgeon about what the realistic expectations are. The last thing that you want when you take the dressing off is to be disappointed with how it looks, so during your consultations you must ensure that you detail what you are expecting. You shouldn’t run the risk of a good/bad job being done, be clear, listen to what the surgeon says and be real when it comes to getting the result which you were expecting.

Potential Issues

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world and there is very little chance of anything going wrong. With that being said you should still be aware of the risks before you go under the knife. For example you may be allergic to the anesthetic which they give you, or you may have other reasons which could complicate the surgery. Much like any operation which involves your body being opened up, this is a procedure which carries risks of things like infections and you need to make sure that you are going into this with your eyes wide open.


There is no point planning much in the days and weeks after your rhinoplasty procedure so be sure to speak with your surgeon about what your recovery is going to look like. In the weeks after my cosmetic surgery I faced a lot of bruising and some difficulty with breathing, not to mention the nosebleeds which I encountered. I was so pleased that my surgeon spoke to me about this before the surgery so that I could make arrangements for the weeks afterwards. Furthermore the blood coming from my nose definitely would have freaked me out if I hadn’t been made aware of it.