All About CBD Legal Status and More

For a significant period, CBD has received its fair share of the limelight. Among the many cannabinoids that the cannabis plant has, CBD has been focused on most. CBD is credited for changing many sectors including health and beauty. 

It is always a wise choice to be on the safe side of the law. It is understandable for anyone to be concerned with what the law says about the use of CBD products like oil and flower. The fact that CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant raises concerns on whether the law permits its use. Here is all you need to know about the legal status of CBD.

Is It Legal?

Many people wish to know if CBD is legal. Well, though marijuana is illegal in many countries worldwide, the same cannot be said about CBD. Recently, many European countries have legalized the use of CBD from the hemp plant. CBD from hemp is also considered legal in all fifty states of the USA. CBD is considered legal in many countries but under certain restrictions. 

Though it may be considered legal in some countries, some laws may be unclear. The main factor that tends to determine the legality of CBD is where it is extracted from, either hemp or marijuana. CBD from both hemp and marijuana has many health benefits. You can visit the Berkshire CBD official website to learn more. 

The Legal Status of Hemp and Marijuana

Differentiating hemp from marijuana can be challenging for many people. This is because both of them are typically under the cannabis family. The two plants may look the same and even smell the same. What differentiates them is the level of THC in them. THC is mainly what makes the marijuana plant controversial and is what makes pot users have a ‘high’ feeling.

For a cannabis plant to be classified as hemp, it needs to have a minimal amount of THC in it. Since the growth of hemp has been legalized in many countries like the USA, many farmers are now cultivating cannabis plants that are only rich in CBD. CBD is only legal if it’s extracted from a hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. 

On the other hand, CBD from marijuana is somewhat allowed in countries that have made the recreational use of marijuana legal. The legal status of CBD in many countries has led to the rapid growth of the industry. You can now join the profitable CBD business through Share A Sale with a well-known brand.

It is, however, critical to note that although CBD is legal in many European countries and states in the USA, some countries across the globe still consider it illegal. 


When traveling, it is crucial to check the legal status of CBD in the country you are going into. This is necessary to ensure that you do not break any laws. CBD is gaining popularity among many people because of its many health benefits. With time, other countries will legalize CBD. It is vital to always seek advice from a doctor if you are considering using CBD.