A Checkup List For Your Overall Health

Back To The Basics

Of course, if you want to be in your best health, you should eat right and exercise in proper proportion to your physicality. Provided you’re doing these things, you should be in good health generally.

However, if you want to be in fullest health, things go a bit deeper. Getting a health screening can be good, but you may want to stratify your health examination strategically.

Check into specific aspects of your bodily health. Part of this will involve exercise and diet, and part of it may involve checking off any symptoms you might be feeling through sites like Rolling Paper. Other things could involve getting your eyes or ears checked out. Here we’ll go over a few general things to keep in mind beyond simple diet and exercise.

Bone, Joint, And Muscle Health: BMI

How healthy are your bones? Over time, conditions like osteoporosis can develop; but they can be managed, and even prevented, if you catch bad habits soon enough. Joint health—especially around your knees—is also something you can proactively manage with the right moves. It’s not just exercising, you need to properly stretch your body.

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Yoga moves—not their ideology, but the stretches themselves—can do much to help your body maintain positive, healthy homeostasis. This will help your musculature as well, and accordingly, your bone health. Part of bone health involves muscular health, as your muscles are attached to your bones. There’s a relationship there doctors can help you balance.

Part of getting an idea where you’re at here will involve a basic aspect of exercise, your BMI. BMI references Body Mass Index. That is: how much do you weigh, and how tall are you? These two factors, in conjunction with gender, help determine where you’re at in terms of health as seen through the statistical lens of BMI.

Now, you can’t only depend on BMI as a means of determining health. Muscle is heavier than fat, and so that means it’s possible to have BMI numbers that don’t accurately represent your health. Still, it’s a great indicator to help you determine if bone and musculature are in an ideal balance.

Determining Sinus Health

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Sinuses tend to get incidentally damaged over time; especially if you’re not careful to monitor them. When you blow your nose too hard, you can burst a sinus pocket, which can lead to sinusitis. If you’re experiencing sinus issues, you may want to check with an ENT doctor. Such issues can fog the brain, leading to headaches, excess mucous, bleeding, and chronic illness. Another common but less severe condition that many people experience is dryness. This is particularly common in dry climates due to low humidity or cold weather. Fortunately there are effective OTC treatments available such nasal moisturizer spray from https://serp.co/best/nasal-moisturizing-spray/ that will quickly relieve symptons of a dry nose.

Checking Your Hearing, As Well As Other Senses

How is your hearing? Have you been to an audiologist lately? If you’ve experienced loss, there are therapeutic options that can help you regain some of your hearing, such as these hearing aids at Southern Maine. Other senses may need examination as well. At the age of fifty, your eyes may suddenly go fuzzy.

Taste may reduce when you’re ill. Even touch can subside. You can also experience the loss of nasal ability—odors that are pungent may elude you. It’s worthwhile to get your senses checked up when they wane; such waning could be a sign of underlying conditions.

Mental Health

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They say laughter is the best medicine, and that’s kind of true. It doesn’t matter how good the doctor is if the patient doesn’t have the will to live. Joy is a clear indicator of a positive will toward life, and is often expressed in laughter; hence the expression. Your mind needs to be healthy or even the most chiseled body is subject to illness. Seek to establish good mental health.

Keeping Yourself Comprehensively Healthy

Your mind, sinuses, senses, joints, bones, muscles, and weight need to be carefully monitored for greatest health. There are other screenings you can pursue, and you may want to—check with your general health practitioner to help you determine where you’re at, and what you should do for best health. That said, this general health check up list should help direct you.