7 Things to Know About THCH

The discoveries constantly happening in the cannabis sector have seen THCH as the newest addition to the THC family. Despite its recent discovery, it’s already considered to have the second-highest potency in the hemp plant. Discussed below are seven things to know about THCH.

1. What is THCH?

THCH (tetrahydrocannabihexol) is a psychoactive cannabis plant component that was discovered recently. Its chemical components are a replica of delta-9 THC’s. However, their arrangement differs, giving this thch cannabinoid distinct chemical properties.

2. How THCH is made

The Italian researchers responsible for discovering THCP first isolated THCH from the cannabis plant in 2020. These two latest cannabinoids are considered the most powerful THC options found in the cannabis plant due to the strong psychoactive effects they generate. While THCH is naturally occurring but found in minimal concentrations in the cannabis plant, it’s majorly produced synthetically. Manufacturers artificially isolate it from other cannabinoids and convert it into a strong active ingredient.

3. Is THCH legal?

THCH is federally legal, provided it comes from the hemp plant and doesn’t contain over 0.3% THC. However, this cannabinoid isn’t legal in all states because some have banned psychoactive cannabinoids. So, ensure THCH use is approved in your state before buying to avoid legal consequences.

4. How THCH’s high feels like

THCH is considered to possess the second-highest potency in hemp after THCP. As such, most users compare its high to THCP. Ingesting this cannabinoid gives users an intense euphoria and a relaxing sensation in their minds and bodies. Also, THCH seems to have a unique reputation for the high it generates. In addition, users say its high lasts longer than other psychoactive cannabinoids, probably twice as long.

5. Benefits of THCH

While THCH’s full benefits and effects are still being investigated, initial reports indicate promise in pain relief and mood elevation. However, there’s no solid proof yet to back these claims. The team behind this cannabinoid’s discovery experimented its pharmacological impacts on mice. They learned that it helped block pain’s physiological detection and successfully addressed pain management and relief, which seems hopeful for humans.

6. THCH products available in the market

Since THCH is still new in the market, there’s a finite product type selection, and not all brands carry it. The following are a few THCH products you’ll likely encounter:

  • THCH vape cartridges and disposables: They offer strong, quick-acting effects in various strains
  • THCH gummies: These edible provide excellent flavor and several hours of inebriating effects
  • THCH tinctures: These oils are designed for sublingual administration and can generate a moderately potent high for about four to six hours

7. How to determine if you’re getting authentic, top-quality THCH products

Not all THCH products available in the market are produced equally. Some untrustworthy manufacturers create low-quality products and market them as premium quality. To ensure you’re getting the best quality when shopping for THCH products, consider:

  • Reading lab reports: Always buy cannabinoid products from manufacturers that provide third-party testing reports on their sites. The reports are a guarantee that what you’re getting is pure, safe, and has met the set legal requirements
  • Checking the ingredients: Go through the ingredients carefully to avoid THCH products formulated with fillers and additives
  • Hemp sourcing: Only buy companies that use organic and locally grown hemp


THCH is relatively new in the cannabis industry. Learning the most critical things about it can help you make informed purchase and consumption decisions.