5 Unique Tips For Taking Care Of Your Feet

Look at your feet. They take all of your weight throughout the day. While they work hard, the feet are often neglected when it comes to our beauty regimes.

At the same time, it’s quite crucial to take good care of your feet. Failing to do so can result in painful foot problems such as bunions, corns, tendonitis, arthritis, etc.

Convinced about taking care of your feet?

Here are some unique tips to start you off:

1. Focus On Footwear

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/skateboard-feet-shoes-guy-skating-5221914/ 

The shoes on your feet play a large role in foot health. Whatever the trend may be, it’s always best to go for styles and designs that are comfortable and healthy. This means that they shouldn’t be causing skin irritations, blisters, or other issues.

A comfortable shoe is among the best preventative steps one can take to avoid health problems. A profession that requires a lot of standing (such as nursing, teaching, and retail) makes a supportive, comfy shoe necessary.

2. Shop At The Right Time

While we’re on the subject of footwear, keep in mind that the best time for shoe shopping is during the afternoon. That’s because our feet tend to swell up a bit with all that stomping around. As a result, we’re at our largest foot size around the middle of the day.

When we shop for shoes around this point, we’re more likely to choose a size that’s most comfortable for us. A word of advice here; don’t go for smaller shoes thinking that you’d break them in. A shoe that fits properly right away is the one you want; putting more burden on your foot is never a good idea.

Another hack for buying footwear is to measure both your feet when making a purchase. Some people have different sizes for their left and right feet. If that’s your case, always go for the bigger size in the end.

3. Stretch Your Foot

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/feet-toes-barefoot-830503/ 

Foot stretches are also essential if you want to avoid health issues in that area. Ankle flexes, calf stretches, toe wiggles – all of these and some other exercises can improve blood circulation in those hard working feet.

If you already have a certain health issue in your feet (such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, etc.), it’s better to consult a foot specialist before trying any exercise on your own. A good foot doctor in Silverdale or any other area should be able to advise you about the right exercise that is still safe for your condition.

4. Soften The Feet

If you’re not careful, our feet can develop calluses and rough skin. These aren’t the main issue but might be a signal of abnormality in terms of the functionality of the feet. Wearing unsuitable shoes will also result in such problems.

You may deal with the roughness by using skin softeners and pumice stones. However, foot peels or callus shavers are a big no-no. These practices can result in a lot of foot damage especially if someone has poor blood circulation or diabetes.

5. Dealing With Blisters

Runner, gym enthusiasts, and people who frequently wear new shoes might experience frequent blisters on their feet. If you must pop them, make sure your instrument is clean and preferably sterilized.

After popping, a topical aspect and bandage covering should be the next steps.

The Takeaway

Our feet are more important than we may realize. Some people even get their first impression of strangers by looking at their feet. Even if this isn’t important to you, taking care of your feet has nothing but benefits. You’ll soon find an upward surge in your mobility and foot health by treating your feet nicely. So, don’t hesitate in trying out these tips today!