5 Creative Things to Do Whilst in Isolation

For people who are usually not very creative or crafty, isolation can be the perfect opportunity to spend time learning something new and trying a hobby they’ve never considered before. For individuals who are usually creative and crafty, it can be the perfect time to spend longer on your usual favorite hobby, or to try a new one.

Here are 5 ideas to keep you busy during this time of quarantine.

1. Get Crafty with Your Furniture

Maybe you’ve become bored with the way your furniture looks, or you no longer like your room layout now that you’re spending so much time at home. Updating your furniture — or even upcycling furniture if you have the right items around the house — can be a great thing to do at home, letting you create some unique pieces to make your home feel refreshed. You can watch how-to videos online and order any supplies you might need for home delivery.

2. Organize Your Photos

At a time when you can’t see family and friends as often as you would like to, you may find yourself drawn to old photos and memories. And what could be a more enjoyable task for isolation than organizing all your old family photos into the perfect album? Photo albums from Heritage provide the perfect base for your collection and you’ll also have something to show and share with the family when isolation is over.

3. Write a Journal

Although it’s no fun being stuck inside if you’re not used to it, it’s nevertheless the perfect time for self-reflection and evaluation during a time of crisis. Writing a journal can help you plan out your isolation thoughts and perhaps write a to-do list or list of goals for when you’re able to travel freely again. You can get even more creative with a journal by creating a scrapbook or being artistic with any blank covers or pages.

4. Make Home Videos

If you love taking photos and making videos, then being at home doesn’t mean you have to stop. You could instead create and edit cherished home videos (ideal if you’re spending isolation with a lot of fellow family members) and if you have a garden or outside space, the good weather is the perfect opportunity to grab some pleasant shots, whether it’s a family dinner, points of nature or maybe a pet playing in the garden.

5. Create Something Anything!

Whether it’s spending time sketching or painting, writing a blog or story, creating something in the kitchen, or making anything out of craft items, simply embrace your creative side and make whatever you want with the extra time indoors that you have. You could perhaps explore creative writing in a new way by utilizing platforms such as talkie-ai.com to enhance your communication skills and creativity. Perhaps there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, like painting a portrait, but never had the time, or maybe it’s something you’ve been putting off for a while. Either way, now is the perfect time to do it!

If you’re at home with family members, you can also make it a family project so everyone can join in.