5 Chiropractic Treatments That Will Reinvigorate Your Health and Well Being

One of the greatest problems that seem to be afflicting every generation today is chronic and acute pains in their backs, joints, knees etc. And while everyone tries to find ways to deal with the pain somehow or the other, it still does effect one’s movement, work and overall health. This is why it is best to let an expert chiropractor deal with the situation. An expert chiropractor will give you thorough examination and proceed with therapy based on particular techniques, some of which are listed below:

Graston Technique

If you are someone who has to deal with chronic pains due to injuries or surgeries in the past, the Graston Technique might just be the knight in shining armour that you’ve been looking for. No matter how long you’ve been suffering from such chronic or acute pains, the technique can be you access to your full and normal range of motion by using manual massages and instruments that target injuries in the soft tissue while speeding up the recovery process by reducing scar adhesions and inflammations. The Graston technique is extremely effective when dealing with back, shoulder or neck pains and even knee or ankle discomfort of pain.

Active Release Technique

For anyone who likes to be on the move but cannot because of injuries that don’t allow them to access their full range of movement, Active Release Technique is the way to go. What ART does is recognise your exact needs and follow it with specific treatment that can de-stress your tense spots while revealing scar tissues that you might have developed from injuries and overuse. Not only does it help in freeing nerves that have been compressed due to injuries but it also improves blood flow so you can be up and moving for as long as you like. By effectively restoring your muscle motion and de-stressing your tense spots, ART can give you access to your full range of movement while getting rid of chronic pains and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Webster Technique

During pregnancy, a lot of people experience lower back issues and problems with alignment of the pelvic region. But when you get the proper care from a chiropractor, it can reduce these and other issues one might develop during pregnancy significantly. The Webster technique can be helpful in not only relieving the stress and pain accumulated in your lower back but provide appropriate support to the ligaments that surround the uterus. If you are facing a breech baby situation, chances are that the technique can turn the foetus the right way up so you can have a normal delivery without any complications.

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

Chronic pain is a very specific experience and it can develop over years of overuse or mistreatment of a body part. What Neurokinetic therapy can do is delve deep into your system to recognise the actual reason for your acute pain. It focuses on testing your muscles physically so the diagnosis can be made about why certain muscles of yours are tenser than normal and why you might have been facing pains in other parts of your body. It recognises tension points and overworked muscles so further therapy can be done accordingly.


SFMA or Selective Functional Movement Assessment is a tool a used by your chiropractor to pinpoint exactly why you are in pain. It helps differentiate between mobility, stability and motor function issues. By recognising a pattern specific to your movements, one can assess how best to treat your pain and mobility issue. The chiropractor will make you go through simple exercises like squatting and bending to target exactly what and where the problem is. The movements are graded on a FN scale to a DP scale and the treatment is done accordingly.