Lowell Cafe: The Country’s First Weed Lounge

Lowell Cafe is America’s first cannabis restaurant. Located in Los Angeles’ highly-desirable West Hollywood, Lowell Cafe is the latest way that industry leader Lowell Farms is bringing cannabis and cannabis products to the masses. A combination weed lounge, shop and cafe, the rooftop space adds the perfect amount of sophistication that encourages people to mingle, chat and imbibe.

What Makes Lowell Cafe Different

Lowell Farms, an innovative cannabis farm in California that has long lead the way in the industry. With a range of cannabis and THC products, Lowell Cafe takes pride in offering only high-quality, organic, pesticide-free and natural marijuana. That’s not the only reason why Lowell Cafe is poised to yet again change the industry.

  • Food Prepared by Famed Chef Andreas Drummer

A weed lounge provides its patrons with a sophisticated and welcoming environment. Because the food offered at Lowell Cafe is designed to complement their heightened senses — the result of consuming cannabis — those who visit will be treated to a full menu featuring a number of foods and beverages.

Executive chef, Andreas Drummer, promises to demonstrate how seamlessly cannabis be integrated into society. In addition, the staff at the restaurant honored to be able to educate everyone who comes in. Just a few of the innovative menu items that patrons can look forward to ordering include crispy Brussels sprouts complemented by white turnips, grilled peaches with arugula, burrata and topped with a balsamic glaze and a hummus made of avocado and white beans with pickled seasonal veggies to dip into it.

  • Sophistication that Sets the Trend

Lowell Cafe enables patrons to easily level up their experience. Nowhere else in the United States can people relax and unwind while choosing their favorite cannabis strains and products. Instead of heading to a weed bar, discerning visitors choose the hip and trendy sophistication that’s available only at Lowell Cafe.

  • Luxury Design Elements

Expect to see plenty of green in addition to cannabis. Lush greenery is evident within displays found inside and out. Cozy tables and booth seating encourage visitors to relax, connect and enjoy their visit to Lowell Cafe. Soft lighting over top the seating areas complements that store-wide lights that help patrons fully appreciate the look and smell of their cannabis.

  • Flower Hosts

Flower Hosts provide excellent service, recommendations and expertise to help each person’s experience at Lowell Cafe one that is memorable. Patrons can look to their Flower Host for more information regarding each strain, as well as its potency and the ways it can affect the mind and body. Once a visitor decides which cannabis product they want, the Flower Host will roll it for them and they’re free to enjoy it.

For those users who are more advanced, Lowell Cafe will have a “Dab Bar.” It’s here that those who desire can experience those strains that are stronger.

  • Take it Home

In addition to its weed lounge, Lowell Cafe also features a dispensary area. Here visitors will be able to choose from various concentrates, edibles, buds and vapes that they can then take home to enjoy.

Cash is the only accepted form of payment for cannabis products and reservations are suggested at Lowell Cafe. Food and beverages may be purchased using a credit card.