How To Go Green With Reusable Stick On Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is our go-to when we need to quickly brighten up a room at home or add some flare to our rented accommodation. Unhappily, most are toxic, whether it’s the ink’s high concentration of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or the vinyl’s high concentration of toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Some also include potentially hazardous metals including mercury, cadmium, and lead. Sorry, but I’ll have to decline.

Since then, we’ve discovered eco-friendly wallpapers that are both simple and elegant yet not containing any of those harmful chemicals. Most provide a large selection of styles and costs, in addition to trial sizes so you may try before you buy. Peel, stick, and enjoy your walls without worrying about repainting or mending damage from stick on removable wallpaper.


Spoonflower is the place to get every kind of removable wallpaper you can think of. Spoonflower collaborates with artists all around the globe to create over a million unique wall murals. With each sale, the artists get a commission, and the wallpaper is made in a carbon-neutral factory and printed in a wind-powered facility. It’s one of the cheaper alternatives for eco-friendly wall paper for bathroom, and it’s simple to take down and put back up again if you change your mind.

If Only Your Walls Could Confess

Gainesville, Virginia-based artist and designer Irina Morgan has produced over six-hundred original patterns for use as wallpaper, murals, decals, and art prints. These designs, which are printed with non-toxic pigment inks, are sure to brighten up any baby’s or kid’s room. In addition, she provides comprehensive directions and a squeegee for applying decals. Since many of them are adaptable to individualization, they also make excellent presents. (Tailored wallpaper seems like the ideal hostess gift, no?)

The Greatest Classic

For classic patterns and travel-inspired textures, we enjoy ’s 100+ possibilities. These wallpapers are made from self-adhesive fabrics, making them simple to remove, reposition within 24 hours, and recycle after usage. Send them a note if you need help figuring out how many sheets you’ll need. Not a lot of unnecessary resources being thrown away. Etsy has made carbon-free shipping a reality for businesses all around the globe.

York Wallcoverings

York Wallcoverings has created and manufactured wallpaper for 125+ years. Beautiful premium designs are available via collaborations with well-known companies like as Magnolia Home, Rifle Paper Co., and Simply Candice, in addition to the company’s own patterns. York is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is devoted to long-term sustainability, with commitments to decrease raw materials, manufacture paper goods made from 100 percent natural fibres, and introduce a trademarked eco-decor certification.

Paper Trails

The creators of Chasing Paper are third-generation employees at their family’s grand-format printing enterprise, so you might say that wallpaper runs in their veins. All of their wallpapers, whether they be classic or peel-and-stick styles, are produced using ink that has been certified as Greenguard Gold in America. All of the patterns are intended to serve as a striking background in your everyday life, whether you’re using it to decorate a child’s room, reviving old furniture, or hanging it on the wall as art. The addition of their artistic talents will make your project very special.