Green Waste Disposal Methods That Are Environmentally Friendly

Are you in the middle of a landscaping project? Before you throw out your yard waste with the rest of the trash, listen up! When organic waste ends up in a landfill, it doesn’t decompose as it should—instead, it releases methane, a gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

If throwing away green waste harms the environment, what are you supposed to do with your grass clippings, fallen leaves, and weeds? No need to stress—start using one of these green waste disposal methods today!


Composting refers to breaking down green material to turn into fertilizer. It’s an easy and environmentally-friendly way to turn trash into something you can use again. Composting is low-maintenance as well; you only need to stir it up every once in a while.

Feel free to put the following in your backyard composting bin:

  • Weeds
  • Leaves
  • Dead flowers and plants
  • Wood chips
  • Straw
  • Grass clippings
  • Ashes
  • Garden waste

If you don’t want a composting bin or pile on your property, community composting may available in your area as an alternative.


Mulching can get rid of your excess yard waste and save you money at the same time. Mulch looks great in gardens and flowerbeds, and it contributes to soil health—but bags from the store can get expensive fast. Making your own is the perfect win-win solution.

To make mulch, you’ll need a wood chipper and large yard waste like tree branches and stumps. You can rent the perfect chipper for the job—but remember to get the right safety equipment too.


The most environmentally-friendly thing you can do with your grass clippings is the simplest method of green waste recycling on this list—leave them alone. Grass clippings decompose in about a week, and they return nutrients to your lawn to promote more growth. This method even protects your yard against drought.

All you need is a bagless lawnmower with sharp blades to evenly spread the clippings. For the best results, mow once a week and break up any clumps. As a bonus, if you notice any bare spots in your grass, you can cover them up with clippings.


Some towns have collection sites for green waste management, and many schedule pick-up dates as well. Store your yard waste in compostable paper bags and drop them off when you get a chance. The municipality will recycle it for you or turn it into compost.

If your community doesn’t have a collection site or route, companies like Top Tier Trees may be able to help you dispose of some of your green waste.

Dispose of Your Green Waste Today

Don’t send your green waste to a landfill. Instead, use one of these green waste disposal methods to protect the environment. It only takes a few simple changes to your routine to make the planet a better place for everyone.

There’s more to learn about tree and green waste removal! If you found this article helpful, check out the other posts on the Green Tips page of this site today.