Tips for Making Environmentally Friendly Choices When You Vape

It’s natural in today’s world to consider the environment in many of your decisions – especially when these decisions pertain to what you buy and which brands you’re supporting. Many businesses contribute negatively to carbon emissions, so it makes sense that you would want to vote with your money – though this can become difficult when the production of environmentally friendly options can be harmful in itself, as with some models of electric cars.

So, what about vaping? This is already an alternative that you might have opted for due to your health, but is there a way to extend this consideration to the environment as well?

Avoiding Disposables

When you talk about vapes and environmentalism at the same time, it’s inevitable that disposable vapes are going to enter the conversation. Not only is this something that’s naturally going to be problematic due to how it encourages consumers to regularly throw away hard plastic devices and buy more only to repeat the process, but they’re powered by lithium batteries – something that can be considered an environmental hazard in of themselves if they are not recycled properly.

For many people, though, disposable vapes represent the most convenient way to go about it. After all, they’re initially cheaper than some alternatives on the 1st purchase and they lack the commitment that can come along with it. However, by investing a little more, you can scour the Smoko ecigs range and find a reusable battery vape that is capable of offering you the same experience without the environmental cost.

Sustainable Brands

In an age of greenwashing, you have to be a discerning consumer when it comes to believing the various claims that brands have to make about their sustainability. Businesses are aware of how important environmentalism is to modern audiences, and positing themselves as the brand that is going to make only the greenest decisions possible is something that has a lot of advantages. However, just because that’s what they claim, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

This can also make it more difficult to identify the brands that are being genuine in this effort. Different brands with this goal might be able to offer different degrees of sustainability, so you have to have your own standards for what constitutes enough of an effort from the brands you ultimately choose.

Recycle Batteries

If you find that your battery for your vape is in need of a change, don’t just throw away the entire device and replace it and instead of straightforwardly disposing of the battery – recycle it instead. This is something that you can do at many supermarkets or similar outlets, and it can offset some of the negative impacts that batteries can have through their waste. Being conscious of the environment and making the decisions that are going to be most positive in regard to it isn’t always going to be convenient – but taking that small amount of extra time to take the sustainable action is important. After all, we only have one planet, so we have to protect it.

That sentiment can be difficult to parse with daily inconveniences. You might know that certain actions harm the planet, but the effect of that isn’t going to be as immediately visible as the effort of taking your batteries to a recycling point. So, it might require some habitual changes, but enough of those can mean that you’re doing everything you can to steer things in a more positive direction.