The Good and The Bad – Views of Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has become exceedingly popular in recent years. The likes of permanent eyeliner, lip liner pigmentation, and tattoo enhanced eyebrows have become the new norm in the beauty world. But as great as these cosmetic improvements can be, is it safe?

A quick scroll on Instagram will leave you admiring pictures of beautiful people with thick brows and plump lips. Many of them being celebrities like the Kardashian’s, Beyoncé, and Megan Fox, amongst others. Although enhancing your eyebrows with eyeliners is equally valid, permanent makeup takes away the issue of redoing it every day. Permanent makeup allows you to you wake up ready to go without hassle.

So, What is Permanent Makeup?

Beauticians define it as the art of embedding pigments or dyes on the skin, notably the brows, lashes, and lips to improve these features. Other than enhancing beauty, permanent makeup can also be used to cover skin defects like scars and stretch marks.


At the top of the benefits of permanent makeup is the time-saving factor. With ordinary makeup, it will take you time to apply lip liner, brow powder, etc. When you tally the total time you spend in front of the mirror in a year, you will be surprised. However, with permanent makeup, you can forget about always heading off to the lady’s room with your handbag.

With permanent makeup, you can choose subtle results. This helps you retain your natural look but improving it.

Also, it is useful because not everyone is a pro at applying makeup. A good number of women struggle with applying makeup well. Permanent makeup makes life for such people much more straightforward. It is also an ideal option if you suffer from allergies.


Despite having many good points, permanent makeup has its fair share of drawbacks. There are potential side effects, for example, if a beautician uses the wrong type of anesthetic when applying eyeliner, you risk burning your cornea, and lip blisters are fairly common.

It is recommended that you always work with a skilled technician who knows which anesthetics to use and how to use them. Ask for recommendations and always ask beforehand which products your beautician will use.

Another risk of permanent makeup is that the final result may not be pleasing. This means that you will have to endure that look for some time. Although corrections can be made, it can be hard to fully rectify a permanent makeup cosmetic procedure. Therefore, you should always work with an experienced technician. That should be your top factor to consider. As a result, you will be more guaranteed of a successful procedure.

Before undergoing the procedure, always enquire about the technician’s previous work. Visit the salon’s website to confirm they are registered with the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Before the procedure, make sure you visit the salon, and you are not pleased with the staff, environment or the equipment looks outdated, listen to your gut, and seek services elsewhere.