Top 9 Instagram Accounts that Advocate for the Environment

You just settled into the office breakroom, and it’s time to scroll social media. With so much content these days on Instagram, it’s hard to find pages that are meaningful. If you’re looking to follow accounts that inspire real change, check out these top 9 Instagram accounts that advocate for the environment.

Clean Ocean Action

Clean Ocean Action is dedicated to help protect our fragile and vulnerable oceans. This account includes laws, science, and powerful images to help raise awareness for our ocean’s current health. This account is continuing to grow, so give them a follow if you want to support them!

The Zero Waste Guide

The Zero Waste Guide provides over 2,000 pieces of content that helps consumers gain a better understanding of sustainable energy and living a zero waste life. The Zero Waste Guide provides reels and infographics that easily explain how you can make small changes in your own life to help protect our environment.

Paul Nicklen

Co-founder of Sea Legacy, Paul Nicklen, has a powerful presence on social media. His Instagram feed is filled with stunning photos of oceanic life that captivate his followers. This account is dedicated to explaining the devastating effects humans have made on the ocean and how to combat them.

C40 Cities

Almost 100 cities worldwide are connected to address the serious threat of climate change. C40cities is an account that actively engages with its followers to make a real change against growing concerns of greenhouse emissions in major cities.

Everday Climate Change

Photographers across 6 continents joined together to create the Everyday Climate Change account. They use their incredible photography skills to highlight and document climate change across the globe. This account is filled with more than pictures as they include descriptive and informative captions with each post to help the current climate crisis be known across social media.

Leonardo DiCaprio

You’re not reading this wrong – award-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, uses his fame to put the attention on protecting and saving the planet. With his jaw-dropping posts, he sheds light onto the harmful effects of climate change and what we can do to address them.

National Geographic Society

For over 130 years, National Geographic has made it their mission to protect the beautiful world around us. This nonprofit organization allocates all of its time and resources to educating the public on the harmful effects caused by humans on our environment. This account is filled with informative reels and impactful photographs that highlight the need to protect our environment.

Paul Hilton

Conservation photojournalist, Paul Hilton, uses his passion for photography and advocating for the environment to help spread awareness on deforestation and wildlife crime. He uses his platform to especially focus on shark fin trade and illegal hunting.

Natural Resources Defense Council

Who would represent the environment in court? The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) would! This account covers all elements when it comes to protecting the environment. NRDC focuses on climate change, plants, animals, and people with each new inspiring post.