4 Major Environmental Concerns and What You Can Do To Help

The environment is what makes our lives possible, from the air we breathe to the food that we eat. Unfortunately, humans have done a poor job at working to protect this planet of ours. In 2023, environmental concerns such as pollution, deforestation, climate change, and depletion of natural resources have become widespread, and their impact is causing major harm.

Protecting our planet isn’t as simple as purchasing a new khrome werks 2 into 1 exhaust, but there are some small steps you can take to help where you can. That’s why we’re offering a list of 4 environmental concerns and what you can do to help.


Pollution is a major environmental concern that continues to drastically affect our planet. Startling data estimates that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than there are fish. If that information isn’t enough to convince you that pollution is a problem, it’s also known to be the “largest environmental cause of disease and premature death.”

What You Can Do:

  • Recycle
  • Stop using single-use plastics
  • Pick up trash when you see it


Deforestation is when humans remove forests or trees from land to use that land for other purposes such as agricultural croplands, urban development, or factories. This is a major environmental concern as it directly impacts the world’s biodiversity. It’s estimated that 70% of plant species and land animals live in forests, and deforestation causes them to lose their homes. We’re wiping out entire ecosystems with deforestation.

What You Can Do:

  • Be an advocate to combat deforestation
  • Buy sustainable products
  • Vote for candidates who work to protect our lands

Climate Change

Climate change is a shift in weather patterns and temperature changes over a long period of time. While climate change is natural, beginning in the 1800s, humans have been the main cause of climate change; in large part due to the burning of fossil fuels which creates greenhouse gases that trap the heat from the sun and cause an increase in temperatures.

What You Can Do:

  • Carpool or use public transportation
  • Walk or cycle instead of driving
  • Conserve energy at home

Depletion of Natural Resources

Resource depletion is when resources are being used faster than they can be replenished. This is an important environmental concern when it comes to the depletion of our natural resources. Uncomfortable data shows that natural resources being extracted have tripled since 1970, and it’s only getting worse as time goes on.

What You Can Do:

  • Support renewable energy
  • Minimize your water use
  • Purchase energy-efficient appliances

Final Thoughts

Pollution, deforestation, climate change, and depletion of natural resources are creating an extreme, negative impact on our environment. As the global population grows, these issues are only becoming worse. This is why it’s incredibly important that we take action now, instead of waiting until it’s too late.

We have one environment, and it’s up to us to protect it instead of harming it. While the steps listed to protect the environment may seem small, they can have a major impact on helping to create a positive change. The more people who work to reduce our carbon footprint, recycle, and use energy-efficient products – the more likely we are to cause a real change to our fragile environment.