4 Big Environmental Concerns Going Into 2023

As we say goodbye to 2022, we aren’t getting rid of some of the major environmental concerns over the past few years or decades. It’s important to stay informed with what’s going on with the state of our planet’s health.

Take a break from looking into thebunioncure.com and let’s dive into 4 big environmental concerns going into 2023.

Global Warming

A concerning statement from a UN expert was expressed this year, where he warns us that climate change is the greatest threat we have ever faced. Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels for human activities.

Unfortunately, even with the knowledge of the devastating effect of burning these fossil fuels, little has been done to prevent this. Action must be taken soon before climate change gets out of control. We have already started to see the catastrophic effects of global warming, and it will only get worse.

As of today, this is our world’s greatest threat. With the help of environmental organizations and electing leaders who express their plans to change this unfortunate forecast – we can attempt to stop the harmful impact burning fossil fuels has on our planet.


Deforestation is creating a world that is not sustainable. Some of the main causes of deforestation are agriculture, mining, infrastructure building, and climate change. This toxic practice is also responsible for about 10% of global warming.

On top of being a huge contribution to climate change, deforestation is ruining the habitats of many important life forms on earth. By destroying forests, they are destroying the home of millions of wildlife species, plants, and insects.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is on the rise, and it is a serious concern to the health of our environment and personal health. These flimsy products are poisoning the waters and destroying habitats around the globe.

Plastic is a major threat to our environment with its long-life span and frequent use. Additionally, 99% of plastics are the product of burning fossil fuels. This means they are strongly related to the global warming crisis.

As far as humans are concerned, it’s estimated that people unknowingly consume 5 grams of plastic each week. It’s been said that this harmful product could be one of the causes of cancer. With this in mind, it’s even more startling with how much we inadvertently ingest.

Melting Ice Caps

We have been aware of ice caps melting for some time now. However, the issue continues to get worse. Melting ice caps are even more of a threat than ever before. Little has been done to combat this serious issue.

The main cause of melting ice caps is due to global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. The compounding effect this has on aquatic habitat and land is startling. As greenhouse gasses continue to rise, so do our water levels with the melting of the ice caps.

The Rundown

You can clearly see the interrelated nature of all these environmental impacts. This is why it’s paramount to get more involved with environmental organizations with each opportunity you get!