Why It Is Wise for a Trucking Company to Invest in Technology

There have been many different innovations in the past few years in terms of truck technology and anyone that is close to this area knows only too well how this is transforming this industry quite significantly. The complexities within this industry can be mind-boggling and the technological advances that are taking place are ones that are welcomed by the industry. Not all trucking companies are yet fully embraced in these changes as yet and it is important that they keep up or they could get left behind. Below are a few examples of some of these technological advances.

Dash Cams

Dash Cams are small cameras which can be mounted on both the front and the rear of the vehicle. There are several purposes for these but the main one being the evidence you need if there was an accident. It is unbelievable the number of people that do not put their hands up and admit when they are liable for an accident. This then causes potential delays to any claims and could even end up in court. The camera footage can be the thing that keeps all that from happening and settles any ambiguity instantly. In addition to this, the camera can also help notify you of the current speed limit on the road you are driving, making sure you have an additional mechanism to keep within the law.

Collision Mitigation Technology

If you purchase a brand-new car nowadays, there is a good likelihood that it has some elements of collision mitigation technology. This can include things such as collision sensors. How these operate is that if the truck is potentially going to have a collision and the sensors pick this up, the vehicle will break immediately and an alarm sound. This helps pre-empt the potential collision by taking measures instantly, and as any expert in cases involving heavy vehicle collisions will tell you, this is an absolutely critical part of trucking. You should look into investing in it immediately!

There are also additional sensors that aid in this respect in terms of things like parking. Clearly, it can sometimes be a challenge when trying to park a vehicle the size of a truck and any supporting assistance that can be given by things like sensors is welcomed by the drivers. If there are immediate cash flow problems then there is the option to get trucking loans.

Electronic Logging

There are laws in different countries as to the number of hours a truck driver is allowed to continuously drive without having a break. Breaking these laws can land the individual but also the company in a lot of bother which could include fines and prosecution. The electronic logging will then support the company to ensure that when drivers are on their journeys and having breaks that all this is logged. Back at the truck base, they are able to then see this instantly and if there is a risk that a driver is going to go over the limits, they can look to take corrective measures.

Other electronic logging is provided by tools such as freight management software, which can provide GPS delivery tracking to show real-time location information, allowing access to shipment locations with ease. This software can also log documents such as invoices which can enhance the way in which payments are processed. 

Technology can also improve the safety of truckers on the road. If you have a trucking business, look into implementing these technologies as soon as you can.