Unexpected Reasons You May Need a Patent

You probably know what a patent is, but how are you sure if you need one or not? Of course, you will want to talk with a patent attorney in Phoenix to know if you should get a patent. So, what are some unexpected reasons when you might need to obtain a patent?

What is a Patent?

Let’s take a refresher on what a patent is. A patent is an official document that gives rights to the inventor. Think of a patent like a contract that is between the inventor and the United States Government. A patent is obtained by applying through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. There are 3 different main types of patent categories including a utility patent, a design patent and a plant patent. Keep in mind the things that are patentable include new, non-obvious and useful processes, machines, articles of clothing and composition of matter.

Reasons for a Patent

First, always do an extensive patent search. You can hire an attorney to do this for you so that you know it is done right since it is a very important part of obtaining a patent.

If you are looking for exclusive rights to an invention, you should get a patent. The reason for a patent is to protect your invention from others making, using, selling, importing or offering to sell. Without a patent, others have full rights to do these things without owing you money. You don’t want someone making money off of all of your hard work.

A patent is also a good idea if you want to invest in your invention. Meaning, if you want to end up licensing it or selling it. Using your invention as a source of income needs to come protected with a patent. Plus, a patent adds more value and worth to your invention, which will come in handy when it comes to negotiations.

A patent is a positive image for your invention. It shows that you took the time to really protect your ideas and go through the exhausting process of ensuring you are protected. Yes, applying for a patent is an extensive process, but it is well worth it in the end.

Using a Patent Attorney

It is a wise idea to work with an Arizona patent attorney when wanting to apply for a patent. Parsons & Goltry has the experience to guide you through the entire patent process, from conducting a thorough patent search to assisting in filing the application. The legal team at Parsons & Goltry represents inventors to make sure inventions are protected. Coming with experience with a wide range of clients and inventions, they always take the time to listen and understand what you want. They have specialized in intellectual property and are proud to have an outstanding track record while always presenting logical, yet aggressive arguments, keeping the inventions best interests in mind. Parsons & Goltry are there to counsel you, represent you and help you and your invention succeed.