The Importance of SEO: Is it Really Necessary for Small Businesses?

It seems like the talk of the town among business professionals these days is revolved around

SEO. Search engine optimization – SEO for short – is a marketing strategy that has become more utilized within the past decade. It is a method that requires a strategic planning and technical content writing in order to rank higher on Google searches.

The main reason for the growing popularity of SEO is because Google is the leading resource used by consumers throughout the world. Whether you are wondering about a Thai restaurant, the nicest beaches in the Philippines, or you have a medical inquiry Google will be able to provide you with an answer.

This should show you that ranking high on Google is necessary for growing your business. If you are still on the fence about the powers of SEO and need more proof, keep reading to learn about its importance – even for small business owners who might not find it necessary.

You can’t deny the power of the Google search

When you want to know something, what do you do? Hop on Google of course! And oftentimes you believe every single word that Google provides you; it is like the all-knowing database of the world that you can’t help but trust. This is a resource that you should utilize since it reaches billions of people across the world.

But there is no hope for you if your website shows up on the 17th page of search results. In fact, an SEO Perth consultant has advised us that only 25% of user visit the second page and 75% of all clicks go to the top 3 results. This is why investing in SEO is crucial; it will help you get on the 1st page of results and maybe one day you’ll even rank as the FIRST.

Remember that Google is all-knowing and trustworthy, so when your company shows up as the first result people can’t help but its judgment. They’ll opt for your service instead of your competition’s since Google say you are the best of the best.

SEO specialists know how to make you rank

The main reason to invest in SEO services rather than do it on your own is because professionals have extensive knowledge on necessary SEO strategies. They utilize tactics like keyword research, web page creation, and link building.

In order to find out which strategy is necessary for your company you can pay for what’s called an SEO audit. This means that a specialist will spend time researching your site, how to improve it, and how to get you as high as possible on Google. They’ll perform keyword research and develop a plan that is specific to your company’s website. They’ll also work generally around the industry you operate within, so if you’re trying to increase awareness of a medical practice for example, you’ll be looking to use the services of someone with experience in medical seo in order to get the best results.

Why do small local business need SEO?

If you run a small business and are happy with your customer base then maybe you don’t feel the need for SEO. No matter how small your business is  you can greatly benefit from SEO, especially if your main goal is to increase your profit margin.

Small businesses are actually the best candidate for SEO services. This is because small businesses need to optimize their website so that it is seen by a small group of people: the local population.